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Atlas Cables: The Performance Connection 

The Audio Tailor is proud to offer award winning audio cables from Atlas, in both custom and standard lengths, designed to deliver the highest performance and reliability. Choose from our extensive range of Atlas Audio Cables, listed below.

The Atlas cable company, operating from Scotland in the UK, continually design and engineer their connectors to ensure the best possible results for the end user. From entry level to high-end, their process maintains consistently high quality. Researching, testing, measuring and listening, Atlas has created multi award-winning cables that remain international best sellers. 

Constantly refining their development and manufacturing processes, Atlas see to it that their products provide the best possible system performance for their customers. Hand assembled in the United Kingdom, most of their cables use specially developed solder-free technology to optimise the process. These latest generation 'cold-weld' connectors produce consistently airtight metal to metal terminations resulting in superior performance and reliability.

Their low mass, high-bandwidth connectors minimise signal loss and susceptibility to interference ensuring you achieve optimal system performance.

Backing up their cables with a full five year guarantee, Atlas applies superb attention to detail, research and innovation to every one of their products. 

Most popular Atlas products include:

  • Integra and Ultra ranges - low mass / wideband phono plugs
  • Metik connectors - high end personal audio device accessories
  • Transpose modular termination system - speaker cables 

Atlas Product List 

  • Analogue Interconnects
  • Digital Interconnects
  • Speaker Cables
  • USB & Streaming Audio
  • Digital Video
  • Power Management
  • Personal Audio
  • Headphone Cables
  • Accessories & Tuning
  • Installation Products

Reviews and Awards 

Atlas has consistently attained numerous international awards, winning the praise of industry experts over the past ten years.

  • Element Integra RCA interconnect - voted What HiFi’s ‘Product of the Year’ for three successive years
  • Mavros S / PDIF digital interconnect - described by HiFi World as “A quite magnificent digital cable that opens up the soundstage to give your music a breath fresh of air.”
  • Asimi Ultra RCA interconnect - selected as year's best equipment by HiFi News in 2015, one of only two cables and the only interconnect to be chosen
  • Element USB cable - summarise by HiFi Choice as “a spectacular performer at a beer-budget price.”

Technology at Atlas

Atlas combines ongoing technical input with a deep love of music. Designing and manufacturing in-house, they carry out constant research and development, rigorous testing and extensive listening.

Proud of their Scottish tradition of engineering excellence, they control their own processes to ensure complete consistency and excellent quality control.

Aside from allowing them to offer a solid five year guarantee, this also gives Atlas the ability to customise products to keep abreast of changing customer requirements.

When creating a cable, plug or accessory, they set their own performance goals and design to those specifications. Each product is unique - no copies – it’s like Atlas' own DNA. 


Atlas' original thinking, design ingenuity and control over the manufacturing process sets them apart from other connector providers.

Almost all of their cables, plugs and accessories are fully researched, developed in-house in Scotland, continually winning acclaim in over 30 countries. From CAD concept drawings to the listening room, Atlas ensures consistent performance levels and synergy across its entire range.

Try Atlas cables from The Audio Tailor to discover remarkably cost-effective advanced technology.


The Audio Tailor has a wide range of Atlas available in Australia. Shop online, in our Brisbane store or call us on 1300 308 711.
We deliver Atlas Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane + more.

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