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Campfire Audio

Located in Oregon USA, Campfire Audio is a well-known audio company that had their beginnings hand-crafting audio amplifiers & cables under the name ALO Audio. In the beginning, Campfire Audio tested their amplifiers & cables with the best earphones they could find. They soon discovered that there were apparent issues with the earphones that were on the market, and thus decided to design & craft their own earphones.

Campfire Audio, began creating these earphones for their own use, and have mentioned that they were 'very rough' in looks, but sounded absolutely incredible. Campfire Audio continued building and refining these earphones by hand to the highest quality.

Campfire Audio's Earphones combine the finest craftsmanship with high-quality components to ensure you have the best listening experiences for years to come. Campfire Audio's Earphones will perform at the highest level, all while withstanding the stresses that daily life will throw at them.

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