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Amphion - Colour Grilles

by Amphion
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Our Thoughts

Discover the joy of personalization with our Amphion Colour Grilles. Available in limited quantities, these grilles allow you to render a unique touch to your sound experience by mixing and matching colours according to your preferences. The potential lead times can only further your anticipation for the arrival of these coveted accessories. Please get in touch with our experts either via call or email to enquire about the current stock levels or seek additional information. At The Audio Tailor, we believe in making your audio journey as distinctive as you are - showcasing Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store's commitment to catering to every audiophile's unique tastes.

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ℹ Product Information

Amphion - Colour Grilles

Step into the world of artistry with Amphion - Colour Grilles. Rare and sublime, these exquisite audio marvels are more than just an addition to your sound system; they're a statement of style, a tribute to tonal richness. Kept in limited quantities to preserve their unparalleled quality, they are the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you prefer the synchronized harmony of a same-colour pair or the daring flair of a mix-and-match ensemble, our Colour Grilles offer a touch of personalization that is rivaled by none. Infuse your space with a vivid display of sound and colour - a stunning interpretation of your love for form and function. Ringed with curiosity? Feel free to reach out for more intricate details. Remember, owing to their high demand, lead times may apply and it's always wise to call and check for stock levels. The Amphion - Colour Grilles, where aesthetics meets acoustics, is worth the wait.


  1. Limited-Edition: The Amphion Colour Grilles are released in minimal quantities, ensuring each pair possesses unrivalled quality and exclusiveness.

  2. Customisable: Select between a matching pair or mix and match for a unique ensemble. The customizable feature lets you exhibit your individual taste and make your speakers distinctly yours.

  3. Superior Quality: The Colour Grilles follow Amphion's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, marrying form with function in a beguiling dance of sound.

  4. Vivid Aesthetic Expression: Their vibrant tones and finishes allow you to compose your personal symphony of aesthetic indulgence that is both visually appealing and acoustically satisfying.

  5. Responsive Customer Service: Direct query services and stock level checks are available to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.


  1. Exclusive Ownership: Being kept in limited quantities, owning a pair ensures you're among an elite group possessing these audio marvels.

  2. Ultimate Personalisation: With the option to purchase a same-colour pair or a mix-and-match set, the Colour Grilles allows you to express your personal style and preference.

  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: The Colour Grilles not only enhance your audio experience but also serve as captivating art pieces, elevating the elegance and style of your living space.

  4. Post-Sales Support: Prompt and helpful client service ensures you are well-informed about stock levels and possible lead times for a seamless buying experience.

  5. Quality Assurance: Each pair of the Colour Grilles guarantees unmatched quality, delivering an immersive sound experience that is a testament to Amphion's commitment to outstanding craftsmanship.

Experience the sublime integration of colour and sound with Amphion - Colour Grilles, reserved for those who appreciate the finer aesthetics in life. Own a pair today and immerse yourself in a sensory journey like no other.

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Amphion - Colour Grilles
  • Availability: Limited quantities, please enquire for stock levels
  • Price: Given per pair
  • Purchase Options: Available to buy in a same colour pair or mix and match
  • More Information: Contact us to enquire for more details
  • Delivery Duration: Lead times may apply, please call for exact stock levels

In conclusion, when you opt for the Amphion - Colour Grilles, you're not just purchasing a product, but investing in an artistic journey that weaves together aesthetics and acoustics in an exhilarating harmony. Their exclusive design and splendid audio prowess present an evocative spectacle of colour and sound, transcending the realm of ordinary audio equipment. Highly coveted and meticulously crafted, these luxurious sound features are worth every beat of anticipation. Plant these spectacular accents of colour while you let the unrivalled, resonant notes wash over you. Remember, The Audio Tailor is just a call or click away for your queries and interests. As the top Hi-Fi store in Australia, we're devoted to making your audio exploration an enriched experience. Don't let the chance to own a pair of the coveted Amphion - Colour Grilles slip away. Embrace the extraordinary and let your style sing in the intimate embrace of sound and colour. After all, magnificence waits for no one.

ℹ Specifications
Product Name Amphion - Colour Grilles
Availability Limited quantities, please enquire for stock levels
Price Given per pair
Purchase Options Available to buy in a same colour pair or mix and match
More Information Contact us to enquire for more details
Delivery Duration Lead times may apply, please call for exact stock levels

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