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Arcam - rPAC - DAC



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This award-winning DAC from Arcam's range of premium reference and audiophile-grade Digital Analogue Converts is near impossible to fault. Whether you're looking to transform your audio experience at home, work or pretty much anywhere else, the Arcam rPAC is loaded with features and quality components to get the best out of your system. If you're like us, you'll often play a lot of music from a computer - let's face it, it's just more convenient sometimes. But, if you've never heard the quality difference between a computer with and without an external DAC, you're in for a treat.

The pocket-sized, easily transportable and easily hidden rPAC is specifically designed for the use with Laptop and Desktop computers. Its aim was to increase the fidelity of sound produced from your computer, and it does so very successfully.

You probably do other things on your computer that involve audio, like watching movies, video calls, or streaming from Netflix or Stan - the Arcam rPAC shines for these mediums as well, increasing the sound quality that your computer produces.

Using the rPAC with a computer is simple. Simply connect it via USB and connect the output to your headphones or speakers. Did we mention, the rPAC includes a high-quality headphone amplifier with volume controls, enabling you to fully utilise and power your high-end headphones.

The Arcam rPAC draws its power from your computer. Thus there's no need for replacing batteries or having another power point.

  • Weight 300g

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