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Arcam - SA30 - Integrated Amplifier

by Arcam

The SA30 is an intelligent integrated amplifier offering an impressive 120W of Class G amplification for impeccable sound, control and efficiency. Featuring Dirac Live, the state-of-the-art room correction technology and equipped with eARC support, the SA30 delivers unparalleled performance and sound quality that’s optimised to its surroundings.


  • Class G amplification for impeccable sound and efficiency
  • 120W of power per channel into 8Ω, 220W into 4Ω
  • 5 analogue inputs including switchable MM/MC PHONO input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 ARC input
  • GoogleCast, AirPlay 2, uPnP Streamer
  • Roon endpoint
  • MQA supported - The SA30 features a full MQA decoder, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording in the highest possible sound quality. At this level of playback you are hearing what was created in the studio – with precise file and platform-specific DAC compensation and management.
  • 3 Dirac EQ profiles (input assignable)
  • 32-bit DAC,Sabre ESS9038K2M
  • Full I/P control including Control4 and Crestron
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.002%

The SA30 is designed with all the latest cutting-edge features - Class G is expertly implemented and, the highest resolution of audio support is presented. Simple streaming is available with a mobile device using the native app of choice via Apple AirPlay2 or Google Chromecast.


Continuous power output (0.5% THD), per channel

  • Both channels, 8Ω, 20Hz—20kHz: 130W
  • Both channels, 4Ω, at 1kHz: 200W
  • Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8Ω at 1kHz: 0.002%

Analogue Inputs

  • ADC: AK5552
  • Sample rate / bit depth: 192kHz / 32 bit
  • Phono Inputs: Moving Magnet (MM)

    • Input sensitivity at 1kHz (nominal): 5mV
    • Input impedance: 47kΩ + 200pF
    • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd): 80dB, ref. 5mVat 1kHz
    • Overload margin: 21dB ref. 5mV at 1kHz
    • Frequency response (ref. RIAA curve): 20Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB

    Phono Inputs: Moving Coil (MC)

    • Input sensitivity at 1kHz (nominal): 0.35mV
    • Input impedance: 470Ω + 1nF
    • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd): 80dB, ref. 0.35mV at 1kHz
    • Overload margin 21dB: 21dB ref. 0.35mV at 1kHz
    • Frequency response (ref. RIAA curve): 20Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB

    Line Inputs:

    • Nominal sensitivity: 1V
    • Input impedance: 10kΩ
    • Maximum input: 4.8Vrms
    • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz ± 0.2dB
    • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) 100W, ref. 2.1V input: 112dB analogue direct, 106dB ADC / DAC

    Digital Inputs

    • DAC: ESS9038K2M
    • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz ± 0.1dB
    • Total harmonics distortion + Noise: 0.0007%
    • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) ref. 0dBFS/100W: 113dB
    • Supported sample rates: Optical 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz; Coaxial 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
    • Bit depth: 16-bit – 32-bit

    Pre-amplifier output

    • Nominal/Maximum output level: 800mV / 1.25V
    • Output impedance: 240Ω

    Headphone output

    • Maximum output level into 600Ω: 5Vrms
    • Output impedance: 1Ω
    • Load range: 16Ω – 2kΩ


    • Mains voltage: 110–120V or 220–240V, 50/60Hz
    • Maximum power consumption: 800W
    • Low power standby consumption: 0.5W
    • Network standby consumption: 2W
    • Dimensions W x H x D (including feet, control knob and speaker terminals): 433x100x323mm
    • Weight (net): 10.7kg
    • Supplied accessories: Mains leads, Remote control, 2 x AAA batteries, User Manual, 2 x WiFi Antenna, Setup microphone, USB cable

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