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Arcam - ST5+A15 - HiFi Package

by Arcam
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ℹ Product Information

This Package Includes 

  • Arcam ST5
  • Arcam AT15

ARCAM ST5 Network Streamer

Imagine an oasis of pure, unadulterated sonic bliss in the heart of your living space, where the digital audio world harmoniously converges with the warmth of your favorite analog sounds—a place where technological sophistication meets unparalleled audio fidelity to redefine your music experience. This is no mere fantasy for audiophiles; it's a thrilling reality brought to life by the ARCAM ST5 Network Streamer. A virtuoso among its peers, the ST5 transcends ordinary listening with its state-of-the-art ESS ES9018 high-resolution DAC, ensuring that every note is delivered with the precision of a master timekeeper eliminating jitter in the audio domain. Designed as the high-resolution backbone for Radia integrated amplifiers, this sleek streamer unites with your devices, allowing effortless harmony through a control link that bridges the gap between user interface and auditory ecstasy. As a proud sentinel at the vanguard of streaming innovation, the ARCAM ST5 stands ready to orchestrate an enormous spectrum of smart devices, encompassing the eclectic tastes of music aficionados worldwide. Be it through Wi-Fi or Ethernet, your home network becomes the gateway to an instant symphony, with support for an encyclopedic range of services from Spotify Connect to Tidal Connect, infused with the intelligent design of Apple Airplay2 and Google Chromecast. To satiate the hunger of the most demanding audio connoisseurs, the ST5 proudly wears the badge of Roon Readiness while embracing the fullness of Hi-res and MQA support. Ensuring the stage is set for a truly immersive experience, the ST5 is the perfect match for ARCAM's A5 and A15 integrations, all nestled within environmentally conscious, plastic-free packaging. As your fingers grace the included remote control or the newly minted ARCAM app, prepare to explore the infinite universe of Qobuz, Amazon Music, and podcasts, enveloped in sound so pure it transcends the boundaries of your imagination. The ARCAM ST5 is more than a streamer—it’s the conductor of your personal symphony, the curator of your deepest musical desires, and the guardian of high-fidelity sound.

Features / Benefits:

High-Resolution ESS ES9018 DAC:

  • Feature: The ARCAM ST5 is equipped with state-of-the-art ESS ES9018 Sabre DAC, offering unparalleled digital-to-analog conversion.
  • Benefit: Experience audio with captivating clarity, pristine definition, and an exceptional dynamic range that brings your music to life. Time domain jitter elimination ensures that every note is delivered flawlessly, every time.

Isolated Component Configuration:

  • Feature: The ST5 is designed as an isolated component that works synergistically with Radia integrated amplifiers each with its own dedicated power supply.
  • Benefit: This unique design results in significantly improved sound quality by reducing electrical interference, allowing you to indulge in a more authentic and immersive listening experience.

Wireless Connectivity:

  • Feature: With built-in support for Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay2, and Google Chromecast, the ST5 offers a seamless wireless streaming experience.
  • Benefit: Easily stream music from your favorite devices without the clutter of cables, offering a sleek and unobtrusive addition to your living space.

Roon Ready with Hi-res and MQA Support:

  • Feature: Roon Ready certification and support for Hi-Res Audio and MQA files.
  • Benefit: Immerse yourself in a multi-dimensional audio experience with high-resolution playback capabilities, bringing out the best in your music collection.

Comprehensive Streaming Service Integration:

  • Feature: Directly supports a plethora of streaming services like Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect, alongside a new ARCAM app for additional services and internet radio presets including Qobuz and Amazon Music.
  • Benefit: Access a world of music with ease. Dive into an infinite library of songs and podcasts, keeping your playlists fresh and diverse.

Specifically Engineered Components:

  • Feature: Every component and material within the ST5 has been specially selected for its quality and performance.
  • Benefit: Benefit from a product built with meticulous attention to detail, designed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning audiophiles.

Universal Compatibility:

  • Feature: Works with all Apple and Android phones and tablets, supporting a wide range of Hi-res media formats and bit depths.
  • Benefit: Connect any device, play any file. Enjoy your music your way, free from compatibility worries.

Gapless Playback:

  • Feature: Gapless playback ensures uninterrupted enjoyment of live concerts and concept albums.
  • Benefit: Revel in the fluidity of music without any breaks or pauses, just the way the artist intended.

Eco-conscious Packaging:

  • Feature: Packaged in plastic-free, easily disposable natural materials.
  • Benefit: Indulge in high-quality audio while contributing to environmental sustainability—a win for you and the planet.

Sleek Design & Easy Setup:

  • Feature: The ST5's slim form factor is complemented by the convenience of a quick-start guide and intuitive app-based setup.
  • Benefit: Integrate this stylish streamer into your entertainment setup effortlessly, making room for aesthetics and function.

High-Quality Accessories:

  • Feature: Includes a remote control with AAA batteries, control cable, and all necessary mains leads.
  • Benefit: Right out of the box, you have everything you need to get started on your journey to audio excellence.

Consistent and Reliable Power:

  • Feature: Designed with stable power consumption and Eco standby mode.
  • Benefit: Enjoy peace of mind with a streamer that delivers consistent performance while being mindful of energy usage.

ARCAM A15 Integrated Amplifier

Unleash an audio experience that resonates with the essence of clarity and power, introducing the ARCAM A15 Integrated Amplifier—a marvel of sonic excellence that echoes more than 45 years of amplification mastery. Engineered to perfection, the A15 is not just an amplifier; it's an auditory revolution, designed to bring the concert into your living room with 120 Watts of pure, undistorted sound per channel. It is the perfect partner for your tower speakers, effortlessly filling larger spaces with expansive, exuberant sound that will breathe life into every note and beat of your favorite tracks. The 'A' in ARCAM isn't just a letter; it signifies our unwavering commitment to Amplification, our core competence, refined and evolved through relentless innovation and an uncompromising quest for the purest sound.

Equipped with the latest in wireless technology, the A15 comes ready to stream high-fidelity audio straight out of the box, courtesy of Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm's leading AptX Adaptive codec, capable of delivering up to 24-bit HD audio from your cherished devices. The meticulous attention to every sonic detail extends to the built-in phono stage, ensuring your vinyl collection is reproduced with warmth, depth, and that ever-sought-after analog charm.

Featuring a suite of high-resolution digital inputs, an ESS ES9018 DAC, and class AB amplification, this exquisite piece of audio engineering is housed within a fortress of aluminum—a testament to both its sonic and physical durability. It's not just about what's on the inside; the A15's exterior boasts solid aluminum dials, offering a tactile experience as premium as the audio it helps you control. For your nights, it connects to Bluetooth headphones, allowing your late-hour sessions to continue with the same richness, discreetly. All delivered in eco-conscious, plastic-free packaging, the ARCAM A15 is as kind to the planet as it is to your ears. Empower your auditory senses with an amplifier that not only meets the highest standards but surpasses them with ease—the ARCAM A15 Integrated Amplifier is not just about listening to music; it's about experiencing it with every fiber of your being.

Features / Benefits of ARCAM A15 Integrated Amplifier:

Pure Power Delivery:

  • Feature: 2x 80 Watts per channel into 8 ohms, escalating to 120 Watts per channel into 4 ohms.
  • Benefit: Provides robust and expansive audio that can drive a wide range of speakers, delivering a compelling and room-filling soundstage perfect for audiophile-grade listening experiences.

Advanced Connectivity:

  • Feature: Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm AptX Adaptive codec and AAC support.
  • Benefit: Offers seamless wireless streaming with high-resolution audio quality, allowing for convenient and crystal-clear sound from your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Headphone Listening:

  • Feature: Connect both wired and wireless headphones.
  • Benefit: Ensures private listening sessions with top-notch sound quality while allowing you the freedom to move around without being tethered to the amplifier.

High-Resolution Audio Support:

  • Feature: Accepts high-resolution digital audio inputs.
  • Benefit: You can enjoy studio-quality sound from hi-res audio tracks, getting closer to the original recording with every note and nuance.

Premium Digital-to-Analog Conversion:

  • Feature: Equipped with an ESS ES9018 DAC.
  • Benefit: Delivers an accurate and pleasing sound by converting digital audio signals to analog with exceptional precision and minimal distortion.

Classic Amplification with a Modern Twist:

  • Feature: Class AB amplification.
  • Benefit: Relies on tried-and-tested technology to reach new heights in fidelity, warmth, and power efficiency, giving you the best of both worlds.

Solid and Luxurious Controls:

  • Feature: Solid aluminum dials and front, top, sides, and rear panels.
  • Benefit: Ensures durability and a premium tactile experience, enhancing the user interface and blending seamlessly with high-end décor.

Perfection in Vinyl Playback:

  • Feature: Specially engineered phono stage with a dedicated moving magnet (MM) input.
  • Benefit: Revitalize your vinyl collection with warmth and authenticity, perfectly reproducing the intricacies of each record.

Comprehensive Input and Output Options:

  • Feature: A suite of analogue and digital inputs, including coaxial and optical connections.
  • Benefit: Facilitates connections to various sources, from classic turntables and CD players to modern digital devices, all with optimal sound quality.

Exceptionally Quiet Operation:

  • Feature: Signal/noise ratio of 106dB for analogue and 109dB for digital, ensuring a black background against which your music can shine.
  • Benefit: Enjoy an immersive listening experience free from background hiss or interference that might detract from the purity of your audio.

Energy Efficient:

  • Feature: Power consumption of less than 0.5W in standby mode.
  • Benefit: Contributes to energy savings and reduces your carbon footprint without compromising on constant readiness for use.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

  • Feature: Plastic-free packaging.
  • Benefit: Demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability while ensuring your product arrives safely and responsibly.

An Elegant Statement of Sound and Design:

  • Feature: A timeless, sleek design with convenient dimensions of 431 x 344 x 98mm and a net weight of 10kg.
  • Benefit: Effortlessly fits within your personal audio setup, becoming the centerpiece that embodies both sophistication and audiophile-grade performance.

Peace of Mind and Easy Setup:

  • Feature: The package includes a mains lead, a remote control with batteries, a quick start guide, and important safety instructions.
  • Benefit: Easy to set up right out of the box, you can be assured of a hassle-free experience and the joy of diving into your music collection without delay.
ℹ Specifications

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