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Artnovion - Helen Fabrc Absorber - Acoustic Treatment


Helen is an acoustic panel with a simple design fashioned for an absorption treatment range from 350 Hz up to 5000 Hz.

Artnovion developed Helen for people who do not like to change the aesthetics of their living rooms or the arrangement of their home cinemas, but still want a proper acoustic solution for problems such as first reflection control.

Easy and effortless to apply, this acoustic panel is a classic and timeless solution.



  • Mid- High absorption range: 350 Hz to 5000 Hz
  • Acoustic Class: B
  • Absorption coefficient (αw) = 0,85
  • Available Fire rates: FG | Furniture Grade, FR+ | Improved Fire Rate
  • Material: Fabric FG | FR+
  • Dimensions: FG: 595x595x55mm, FR+: 595x595x55mm

A distinctive and highly efficient absorber. Wrapped in a premium selection of fabrics, it is available in different colours to match your unique preferences.



  • Standard 8-pack or Double Vertical 4-pack
  • Regular stock colours - Grigio (Grey), Bianco (White), Nero (Black) and Nebbia (Beige)
  • Special order stock colours - Noce, Gentian, Bordo, Fuscia, Pistacchio, Turchesese
  • Stock levels are subject to change, please enquire

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