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Artnovion - Verona Wood Bass Trap - Acoustic Treatment


With a peak absorption from 80 Hz to 120 Hz, the Wall Bass Trap offers an enriched acoustic experience, helping to directly reduce standing waves. The various front designs available for the Wall Bass Trap allow you to create various artistic patterns when mounted on the side, back walls of your home cinema or living room. The wall Bass trap combine perfectly with our standard absorber range.

The Wall Bass Trap - 595 x 1190 - equivalent to 2 standard panels, is equipped with a double membrane surrounding a central acoustic core. This design allows for a larger membrane - lowering the resonant frequency, whilst increasing the volume of the inner air cavities - All to bring you the maximum performance in as least space as possible..

Designed to be completely in line with other absorbers.

With mechanical fixing, the updated wall bass trap is designed to be completely in line with other Artnovion panels, whilst also mountable in vertical or horizontal dihedral corners, with a dedicated fixing system package.

The Wall Bass Trap is a wall mounted bass trap, designed to blend in with your acoustic treatment, providing seamless low frequencies between 80Hz and 120Hz (tuned to 80Hz).

  • Maximum performance, minimum thickness.
  • Pressure and velocity bass trap
  • Double Membrane & High density foam core.



  • Absorption range: 80 Hz to 120 Hz
  • Tuned Frequency: 80 Hz
  • Double membrane surrounding a central acoustic core
  • Larger membrane lowering the resonant frequency
  • Designed to be completely in line with other absorbers
  • Fixing System: Fixart Tube
  • Finishing Material: Wood FG (Furniture grade)
  • Dimensions FG: 595x1190x58mm


  • Corner 2-pack or Wall 2-Pack
  • Regular stock colours - Noir (Black)
  • Special order stock colours - Blanc, Rouge, Silver, Noir Vintage, Graphite Black, Rose Gold, Classic Gold, Bronze, Cerise, Marron and Wenge
  • Stock levels are subject to change, please enquire

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