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Audeze -Display model LCD-4 - Planar Magnetic Headphones



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The Audeze LCD-4 is a worthy successor to the Audeze LCD-2 and 3 and the next offering in the LCD line. The next generation in headphone technology, this model is the culmination of evolution in material sciences and zealous devotion to research and development. With improved technology and new cutting-edge materials, the Audeze LCD-4 is a true masterpiece. The LCD-4 does need an external amp to be able to perform at optimal levels and efficiency.

The Audeze LCD-4, like its predecessors, utilises an open circumaural style, in which the grill now has more of a chrome appearance. In addition, the leather headband of the LCD-2 and 3 has now been replaced by a split band suspension that is made of carbon-fibre and is covered by a light leather cover. The suspension gives the clamping pressure, which remains entirely comfortable for your head, allowing you to listen to your favourite music for longer periods of time without any discomfort.

The ear cups get a really sleek and edgy look thanks to the chrome appearance of the grill and are wide enough to give a lot of space to your ears. The earpads are ergonomically designed to fit around your ears and have a padding that is deep enough that your ears won't come in contact with the drivers inside the headphone. All in all, a very relaxed and comfy listening experience is what you can look forward to with this headphone.

To make sure that it sticks to its stated intention of bringing the sound of the music as close to what the artist intended, Audeze has made the diaphragm large but very thin – nano grade thin. The headphone also has Double Fluxor magnetic arrays between which the diaphragm is arranged. Together the two features give a very powerful magnetic flux density of 1.5 Tesla. Both these technologies are proprietary and patent-pending.

The other patent-pending technology involved here is the Fazor elements. Two Fazor elements are placed just next to the magnetic structures, which in turn have the diaphragm between them. The job of the Fazor elements is to move the sound around the structures. This, together with the high magnetic flux density, ends up giving you incredible imaging, brilliant high-resolution sound and superlative transparency.

The Audeze LCD-4 manages to surpass its predecessor, the LCD-3, especially when it comes to the midrange. The tonal texture is pushed further without in any way affecting the transparency negatively and as such individual sounds become far closer to life than you could have ever imagined possible.

The package includes a sturdy travelling case, which is different in looks from the case that accompanied the LCD-3. It also comes with a ¼” to dual 4-pin mini-XLR Premium LCD headphone cord that is definitely more upmarket than its cousins that came with the previous LCD headphones.

All in all, the Audeze LCD-4 makes the listening experience even more sublime than its predecessors, which is no mean feat, considering the predecessors.

Style: Open circumaural Transducer type: Planar magnetic Magnetic arrays : Double Fluxor magnets Magnet type: Neodymium Transducer size: 106 mm Maximum power handling: 15W (for 200ms) Sound pressure level: >130dB with 15W Frequency response: 5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz Total harmonic distortion: <1% through entire frequency range Impedance: 100 ohms Efficiency: 100 dB / 1mW Optimal power requirement: 1 – 4W

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