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Chord - Cobra VEE 3 XLR



Twin silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors are insulated with FEP and carry the hot and cold signals. The high density, high frequency effective shield makes the earth connection and really helps with definition and detail, particularly at the frequency extremes.
Fitted with Neutrik XLR connectors, the Cobra VEE 3 looks like a classic balanced XLR configuration cable. It is, but the silver-plated, FEP insulated conductors really help with detail and dynamics and open the window wider. Hear more, enjoy more. Get involved.
The cable Cobra VEE 3 is similar in construction and configuration to Crimson VEE 3 but with a crucial and performance improving difference. Cobra VEE 3 conductors are constructed from multi-stranded silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors and the conductors are insulated with FEP, a material with very similar performance characteristics to PTFE. This combination of materials is used extensively in Chord cable designs. We find that it improves signal transfer across a wide bandwidth, particularly noticeable at frequency extremes. The balanced conductors are held in place with cotton spacers to reduce mechanical noise and protected with a dual layer high frequency effective foil and braid combination shield. The shielding is surrounded with a soft PVC to provide further mechanical damping and this is protected with a hard PVC outer jacket. The Plugs The conductor configuration of the Cobra VEE 3 is similar to the Crimson VEE 3 so The cable will work well with XLR connections. The silver-plated conductors in combination with FEP insulation that we use in Cobra VEE 3 will improve detail, definition and dynamics. So the Cobra VEE 3 XLR cable will produce a more detailed, dynamic and ultimately musically coherent sound. Use it withCobra VEE 3’s silver-plated, FEP insulated conductors and high frequency effective dual layer shield, combine to carry a signal with a high degree of accuracy. This is a very good cable to try with some of the new generation of DACs that offer both balanced and RCA outputs. Once again though we would suggest that if you can, you should try both the balanced and RCA outputs and see which one you prefer.