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Davone - Solo - Floorstanding Speakers

by Davone

The Davone Solo loudspeaker takes a novel approach on designing a large high end floor standing loudspeaker. Where most settle for cubism, the Solo combines optimal driver placement and clever internal acoustics with an elegant design. Inspired by the Verner Panton 1-2-3 chair which according to Panton was meant to “grow up out of the floor”, the Solo delivers a sonic picture that is open, detailed controlled and addictive. If we had to choose, the Solo would be our favorite. Simply because it masters design for sound. The Solo is handbuild in Denmark.

Shivers guaranteed

Systematic investigations in our controlled listening room have led to a new 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley cross-over and tweeter acoustic lens for an improved room response. The increased efficiency of the new midrange driver, the accurate pistonic tweeter behavior and further refined bass tuning are making the Solo HR a precisely orchestrated and mature loudspeaker. The Solo HR delivers your music with just that little more texture for guaranteed shivers.

Enhanced CAD

Just like the acoustic design, the Solo represents the latest in cabinet construction. Enhanced computer aided design (CAD) capabilities have made it possible to create a unique design that takes wood bending to the next level. Through bending and twisting, the side panels are stiffer and more irregular. Both enhancements improve the acoustic properties leading to a cleaner sound. A typical example of form follows function.

Handbuilt in Denmark

Most manufacturers shy away from using bend plywood for loudspeaker cabinets. Which is understandable because it may twist and turn in undesired directions, making accurate machining of parts and final assembly difficult. This is not critical in the typical application in furniture. Speaker cabinet construction is a whole other matter though. The production of Solo would not have been possible without our committed design and the extra care of hand build production.



  • Frequency response - 30 – 22.000 Hz
  • Impedance - 4 ohm, 2.5 ohm minimum at 450Hz @ 0 degrees
  • Sensitivity - 89 dB/2,83V/m
  • Max power - 150W (IEC 268-5)
  • Woofer - 8” , Geometrically reinforced aluminum cone, soft low damping rubber surround, rigid die cast alu chassis with extensive venting
  • Mid - 4″, Ceramic coated aluminium membrane, soft low damping rubber surround, optimized low distortion motor system
  • Tweeter - 1″, Anodised aluminium dome, flow optimized vented pole piece with non-reflective chamber, saturation controlled motor system
  • Cross over - 200 Hz, 2.2kHz, 24dB/Oct Linkwitz Riley
  • System - Bass reflex/ Closed
  • Cabinet - 10 layer beech wood form pressed veneer with multiple internal stiffeners.
  • Weight - 30kg / piece
  • Current version - HR

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