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Davone - Studio - Bookshelf Speakers

by Davone

Audio connoisseurs will appreciate this proven approach to high end audio; a high quality monitor speaker placed on a tall stand. The small baffle minimizes reflections and the powerful 7” woofer delivers tailored output that compliments the typical room boost in the low frequencies. Freed from room acoustic concerns and by applying the same drivers and cross over technology as the new Twist, the Studio impresses with its open sound and controlled power. The Studio is handbuilt in Denmark.

Studio quality drivers

Just like you would expect in a studio monitor, the Studio uses top of the range drivers that were designed according to the best Danish traditions. The special fibre blend woofer membrane gives exactly the right combination of stiffness and damping. The refined anodised aluminium dome tweeter achieves high levels of detail through it’s pistonic motion for the entire audible frequency range. The large non reflective chamber enables a low cross-over frequency for a seamless integration of the two drivers.

The room response

The sound quality of a loudspeaker is to a very large extent determined by how it radiates the sound into the 3 dimensions of a room. To bring the Studio sound to the next level, special focus has therefore been on the so called room response. We did actually rebuild our listening room to make it sound more neutral for this purpose. Improving the room response led to a low and steep 24dB/Oct Linkwitz-Riley cross-over. The result is a very clear and open upper midrange, without ever becoming aggressive.



  • Frequency response - 45-22.000Hz
  • Impedance - 4 ohm, 3.7 ohm minimum at 350Hz
  • Sensitivity - 88 dB/2,83V/m
  • Max power - 80 W (IEC 268-5)
  • Mid woofer - 180mm, low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density. Symmetric motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry. Designed in Denmark
  • Tweeter - 1″, Anodised aluminium dome, flow optimized vented pole piece with non-reflective chamber, saturation controlled motor system. Designed in Denmark
  • Cross over - 2.4kHz, 24dB/Oct Linkwitz Riley
  • System - Bass reflex
  • Cabinet - 6 layer beech wood form pressed veneer
  • Weight - 9.3 kg / piece
  • Current version - HR

Studio stand pictured available for purchase as well

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