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Definitive Technology - DN8 - Subwoofer

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Unleash the power with the incredibly vibrant DN8 Subwoofer from Definitive Technology’s Descend Series. Able to outperform other 8” subwoofers with its unique 3XR Architecture™, the DN8 presents a louder, clearer, and smoother audio experience. Coupling its impressive power with pioneering construction, the DN8 boasts a peak power of 500W, reinforced by a Class D amplifier. With its comprehensive frequency response, meticulously crafted passive radiators, and adjustable Low-Pass Crossover, the DN8 guarantees precise control and versatile usage. Choose from elegant Glacier White or sleek Midnight Black to seamlessly incorporate it into any home decor. Bring the concert home, and let the DN8 Subwoofer revolutionize your musical surroundings.

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ℹ Product Information

Definitive Technology DN8 Subwoofer

Experience a sonic revolution with the refined aesthetics and uncompromising sound quality of the Definitive Technology DN8 Subwoofer. As part of the ground-breaking Descend Series, this 8” offering packs punch and precision in equal measure. DN8’s trailblazing 3XR Architecture™ guarantees louder, clearer sound than any other subwoofer in its class, while its distinctive Glacier White and Midnight Black color options effortlessly harmonize with any decor style. This functional piece of art is equipped with an 8” long-throw woofer and dual 8” passive radiators, expertly configured in a 3XR™ bass radiator setup. Sharp contours and permanently installed feet with rubber pads make it a stunning addition to any living or entertainment space, taking up minimal room with dimensions 12.8” x 12.0” x 13.1”. Putting the 'power' in powerful, the DN8 is backed by a class D amplifier type, boasting peak power of 500W and a continuous RMS of 200W. Delve into deep, powerful bass with a frequency response range from 35 Hz to 200 Hz, coupled with low-pass crossover frequencies from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. Fine-tune your sound with a bevy of controls including main power, auto/off, volume, low pass, and phase control. The DN8 also ensures easy connectivity with a single RCA speaker Left/Right 5-way binding post and an IEC 3 prong jack power supply. Whether you're a casual listener or a discerning audiophile, allow the DN8 to elevate your listening experience beyond ordinary limits.


  1. 3XR Architecture™: The DN8’s unique 3XR Architecture™ produces a louder and clearer audio that outperforms comparable 8" subwoofers, giving your music, movies, and games an extra kick.
  2. Glacier White and Midnight Black Colors: The design fulfills both aesthetic and audio functions, seamlessly fitting into your decor with minimalist yet eye-catching Glacier White and Midnight Black color options.
  3. Transducers and Radiators: Packed with 8" long-throw woofer and dual 8", the DN8 ensures high-quality sound with minimal distortion. Its 3XR bass radiator setup enhances sound quality and boosts bass performance.
  4. Compact Dimension: With dimensions at just 12.8" x 12.0" x 13.1", this space-efficient subwoofer delivers powerful sound without dominating your living or entertainment space.
  5. Amplifier Type: The DN8 is powered by a Class D amplifier type, delivering intense characters with peak power of 500W and continuous RMS power of 200W.
  6. Versatile Frequency Response and Crossover: With a frequency response range between 35 Hz and 200 Hz, and low-pass crossover frequencies between 60 Hz to 120 Hz, the DN8 brings an added depth to your audio experience.
  7. Comprehensive Control: Tailor the sound to your liking with easy-to-use controls for main power, auto/off, volume, low pass, and phase.
  8. Easy Connectivity: The DN8 ensures smooth connection with your equipment with an LFE RCA input, Left/Right 5-way binding post speaker inputs, and an IEC 3-prong power jack.
  9. Efficient Power Use: With less than 0.5W energy consumption, this subwoofer ensures a powerful audio experience while reducing power usage.


  1. Immersive Sound Experience: With higher volume and clarity that outperforms other subwoofers, your film nights, gaming sessions, or music moments will be heightened with deep, resonating bass sounds.
  2. Enhanced Interior Aesthetics: Not only does the DN8 provide excellent audio, it also enhances your interior with its stylish designs and colors. Its compact size ensures it finds a home in any space without awkwardness or intrusion.
  3. Sound Tailored To You: The comprehensive control features let you tailor the audio output to your individual taste – ensuring your music, films or games sound exactly the way you want them to.
  4. Connection Made Easy: The DN8's easy connectivity options means you can quickly hook it up with your existing audio setup without any hassle.
  5. Eco-Friendly Performance: The low energy consumption feature ensures that you’re reducing your carbon footprint without compromising the sound quality. Enjoy your favorite sounds and rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to energy conservation.


  • Colors: Glacier White & Midnight Black
  • Transducers: 8” long-throw woofer
  • Passive Radiators: Dual 8” 3XR™
  • Configuration: Bass Radiator
  • Feet Type: Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad
  • Dimensions: 12.8” x 12.0” x 13.1” (324.8 x 305.8 x 331.6 mm)
  • Amplifier Type: Class D
  • Peak Power: 500W
  • Continuous Power (RMS): 200W
  • Frequency Response (-/+ 3dB): 35 Hz to 200 Hz
  • Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: 60 Hz to 120 Hz
  • Phase Adjustment: 0 / 180°
  • Power Supply: Internal, IEC 3 prong jack, 120V/240V switch, Europe (<.5W Compliance)
  • Inputs: LFE Single RCA Speaker, Left/Right 5-way binding posts
  • Controls: Main Power, Auto/Off, Volume Control Potentiometer w/ center detent, Low Pass Control Potentiometer w/ center detent, Phase Control 2-way switch
  • Status RGB LED: Yes

Immerse yourself in the dynamic, resonating excellence projected by the Definitive Technology DN8 Subwoofer—a prime product that is the epitome of audio mastery. Hard-hitting, crisp, and stunningly precise, this radiant piece of equipment from the Descend Series brings an orchestral magnitude to your home entertainment system. Let the DN8's astounding 3XR Architecture™ wash over you, extending your auditory range far beyond the conventional, guiding your sensory journey through a vast expanse of audio landscapes. Compactly designed, powerfully operated, and impressively adjustable, the DN8 Subwoofer is the ultimate compact audio solution, crafted for the sophisticated listener by Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store—The Audio Tailor. Connect with us and redefine your auditory expectations through the sheer brilliance and majesty of the DN8 Subwoofer. Push your boundaries. Discover a new realm of sound. Welcome, the Definitive Technology DN8 Subwoofer into your home today. Contact us at 1300 308 711 or for enquiries, or visit us at our Brisbane store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. We invite you to experience the pinnacle of audio innovation.

ℹ Specifications
Colors Glacier White & Midnight Black
Transducers 8” long-throw woofer
Passive Radiators Dual 8” 3XR™
Configuration Bass Radiator
Feet Type Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad
Dimensions 12.8” x 12.0” x 13.1”324.8 x 305.8 x 331.6 mm
Amplifier Type Class D
Peak Power 500W
Continuous Power (RMS) 200W
Frequency Response (-/+ 3dB) 35 Hz → 200 Hz
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 60 Hz → 120 Hz
Phase Adjustment 0 / 180°
Power Supply InternalIEC 3 prong jack120V/240V switch Europe (<.5W Compliance)
Inputs LFE Single RCA Speaker Left/Right 5-way binding posts
Controls Main Power Auto/Off Volume Control Potentiometer w/ center detent Low Pass Control Potentiometer w/ center detent Phase Control 2-way switch
Status RGB LED Yes

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