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Duevel - Planets - Omni-Directional Speakers



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For almost 30 years I have been selling Hi Fi from all different brands with varying opinions on what makes the best sound, when I first heard these speakers I could not believe my ears. They were like nothing that I had ever heard before but a sound that I had always been searching for. Never before could a speaker re create such an accurate and totally variable presence and soundstage as these little omni directional speakers achieve. With just a few subtle position changes the whole soundstage can be altered so you can achieve the exact sound that suit your room and how you like to hear your music reproduced. Since then many of our customers that are lucky enough to audition or buy a set have been absolutely amazed at what these speakers have done to their listening experience, those that have purchased these have never stopped raving to their friends , family and anyone else who shares an interest in music about the new lease of life the Planets have given to their old system and music collection. If you are in the market for a new set of speakers or something that will give your system a massive lift and excite you back into listening then you must put the Planets on the short list of speakers to check out, you wont be dissappointed. Regards Stuart, The Audio Tailor. Duevel Planets are hard to classify in this world of same same speakers. They respresent an extrordinary design essence that flawlessly outperforms their more mass produced rivals. Thinking outside the square to awaken a sound performance which can only be described as intense sensory pleasure. The German designers have created a speaker which enthrals in both its breathtaking reproduction of all listening genres whilst encapsulating a bespoke charm ensuring an aesthetic appeal sadly forgotten in the world of big black boxes. The Duevel Planets are innovation at its best and even though they are a slim form speaker you shouldnt let their size fool you - the Planets play BIG, with an expansive sound that's difficult for any traditional speaker to come close to. A fascinatingly large and exciting soundstage combined with the omni directional dynamics gives these speakers a major advantage over all others, you dont have to be stuck in the one listening position to acheive imaging and depth of soundstage thats unrivalled allowing you to move freely around your living area and still acheive accurate and discerning reproduction of your favourite music. Casting aside typical box speaker design, Duevel has broken through a new sound barrier. Combining years of design experience and great success in the field, the Planets are nothing short of remarkable. Utilising a 5" woofer and a 1" horn loaded tweeter, simple and ingenious crossover technology, reflective spheres and a finely tuned bottom ported cabinet results in a speaker which performs well beyond the imagination. Deep taught bass notes, midrange glow and clarity, fast transparent highs provide the listener a rare musical experience at a highly competitive price point. Hear real, live, room filling sound from any source like an iPod docking station, to high quality analog or digital music and film players. Stunning speakers for 2-channel music and home theatre playback, the Planets orbit around any lifestyle and fit into any room. Available in multiple colours this truly innovative design combined with amazing sonic abilities, there exists a Planet you can call your own. These quality speakers are made in Germany so you are assured of the highest standard of performance and engineering. Here are some quotes from reviewers and customers about their "planet" experience, "I can't begin to tell you how wonderfully the Planets spun their way into my orbit with their voluminous soundstage and smooth non-fatiguing, thoroughly captivating presentation. I was expecting a big, billowy ill-defined soundstage with muddy transients and little in the way of microdynamics but it just wasn't so." "The Planets offered a remarkably coherent and focused sonic presentation that seemed to follow me regardless of where I sat. The sweet spot was wherever I chose to sit. Individual instruments and voices were not at all blurred nor did they shift about the soundstage. And while the Planets didn't offer the image precision and transient response of my GMA Callistos, they certainly held my attention and provided many hours of enjoyable music playback. They were also remarkably light on their feet with exceptional rhythmic acuity i.e. they boogied." "While omni-directional, the Planets were quite easy to position, in fact more so than most speakers I have auditioned. The Planets are mirror-imaged and Duevel recommends setting them up with the tweeters facing the side walls. After a couple of days experimenting with room positioning, I preferred the Planets pretty much where almost all speakers end up in my room - approximately 3.5 feet from the back front wall, 2 feet from the side walls, with tweeters facing the side walls. Conventional wisdom suggested that placement close to walls would be problematic. But then there's nothing conventional about these speakers. They worked fine less than a foot from the back wall of our TV room. Granted, soundstage depth was compromised but the presentation was not nearly as boomy and confused as I initially expected." The quotes above are are excerpt from a six moons review conducted by Paul Candy, the full review can be found here In our opinion six moons are one of the only serious audio review sites left in our industry as many are now purely advertising driven. If you are in Brisbane then please contact us on 07 3823 1111 and we would be more than happy to spend some time and give you a proper audition. Here are some more compelling reasons why the Duevels must be on your short list. Rather than rant on with lots of techno talk that means very little to most I want to go through what are some of the exclusive advantages of this type of speaker when compared to the many thousands of makes and models in the marketplace. Before we start let me also say that buying and enjoying speakers and audio doesn't have to be this painful excercise of running around the country trying to listen to everything from every brand and every store, nor does it have to be about trying to be constantly upgarding your system trying to reach an audio nirvana that is never really achievable. Buying an audio system should be about experiencing what music is all about, enjoying good sound that makes the hair on the arms stand up or brings a visualisation of a time or place and recreates a performance. Why would you choose omni directional speakers? The signature of how an omni directional speaker performs is unique, due to the way the sound is deflected on a horizontal plane against traditional speakers means that the sound has far more presence and is therefore more enthralling and lifelike. It also allows for far greater flexability when trying to recreate the original performance as the speakers can dramatically transform the way the sound is delivered to your ears just by Making small changes to their positioning, this allows you to get exactly the sound you like. This also allows you to be flexible in your seating position and many of my customers who have purchased omni directional speakers will excitedly recount how they can still acheive an enthralling sound even when they are seated at their dining table which is many metres away from their audio system, something unacheivable by traditional speakers. Bespoke design aesthetics, very few rooms suit having big large black boxes or seven speakers in their layout and yet that is generally required to acheive high levels of sound performance. What are the options? put in a soundbar that sounds not a whole lot better than the scaled down tv speakers? put in seven speakers and a subwoofer that overtake the rooms aesthetics? By using the omni directional design you can now have the best of both worlds and if you still require heart pounding bass then simply add in a small nicely controlled subwoofer and enjoy music like never before and home theatre without the clutter and complicated components. Hand crafted in Germany ensures the exclusive look and sound is supported by the finest manufacturing techniques and quality components that will stand the test of time and deliver a cut above the rest. Why Duevel and who are they? Duevel is a smaller scale boutique manufacturer from Germany that has over 35 years experience in Making Loudspeakers. their first omni directional was produced in 1997 and immediatley was hailed as a revolutionary step in speaker design. Now they still manufacture in Germany and have resisted the path of chinese manufacture that so many others have chosen and instead they have broadened their range to include models such as the Planet to ensure the design and unique performance is available to all buyers. The duevel range of products is constantly reviewed and awarded by some of the toughest hi fi critics and international shows and many of these reviews and awards can be found on the Duevel website if you wish to read them. Prestige with innovation that truly delivers intense sensory pleasure. How big does my amplifier have to be? We have sold these speakers with amplifiers as little as 50 watts per channel and they perform very easily. More importantly is the type of amplifier you can run them on, whilst they will run fine with a standard mainstream type of amplifier they will really acheive a stunning performance when placed with a high current design from manufacturers such as Arcam, NAD, Plinius, Marantz and Rotel just to name a few. The better the amplifier quality the more enthralling these speakers become.
Woofer Diameter: 150mm Ferritmagnet: 100mm Kevlar cone, rubber suspension and die cast chassis Tweeter PE-membrane: 25mm Ferritmagnet: 70mm Vented cabinet with Phase Linear crossover Impedance: 4 Ohm Sensitivity: 85 dB SPL Power handling: 50W RMS Dimentions (W x D x H): 260mm x 156mm x 840mm Weight: 11kg

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