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Duntech - Senator - Floorstanding Speakers

by Duntech
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Elevate your audio experience with Duntech's second latest design, the Senator Floorstanding Speakers. Masters of the "attack and decay," these speakers are housed in a sealed box design for swift musical transients and sharp, uncluttered lower frequencies. Experience the Duntech-revolutionised "Pulse Coherence" and "Time Alignment," ensuring you’re hearing sound as it should be – pure, accurately reproduced, and deeply immersive. With an external crossover unit and a meticulously matched stereo pair for maximised sound performance, these speakers are designed to deliver an unrivalled sound experience. The Senator is not just a speaker; it's a meticulous marvel of precise audio. Duntech’s ensures every speaker undergoes rigorous testing and re-measuring to give it the 100% approval for packing and delivery. Invest in these speakers and become part of the Duntech family - a world where excellence meets emotion and every product is a testament to uncompromised quality. Whether you're a dedicated audiophile or an enthusiast seeking extraordinary sound, the Senator Floorstanding Speakers will exceed your highest sonic expectations.

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ℹ Product Information

Duntech Senator - Floorstanding Speaker

The Duntech Senator is a luminous new addition to the prestigious Duntech Audio family. Engineered with the proven Duntech design directives, this astounding floorstanding speaker delivers an immersive sound experience. It combines an innovative sealed box design with the principles of "attack and decay" to ensure instant and crisp analysis without distortion.

The Senator is designed with the concept of "Pulse Coherency" at its core. This ensures that all drive units perform in harmonious synchronization for accurate sound reproduction. The speaker's "Time Alignment" attribute ensures that every drive unit's acoustic center lands on a single plane, resulting in a pristinely balanced sound for the listener.

Duntech's trademark usage of felt resolves issues of mechanical time alignment, setting this brand apart for many years. The Senator is beautifully surfaced in Pommele Bubinga and delicately lined with OCC internal wiring, making it an opulent statement piece.

Encased in anodized aluminum and stainless steel spikes, these dramatic 54kg floorstanders offer a pure and neutral sound output. The external crossover unit, located outside the cabinet, minimizes microphonics and ensures every detail in your music is revealed.


  1. Sealed Box Design: Provides a satisfying "attack and decay" for your listening, accentuating the speed and crispness of musical transients while preventing distortions.
  2. Pulse Coherence: Each drive unit flawlessly reacts in synchronization for accurate and coherent sound reproduction.
  3. Time Alignment: Acoustic centers of all drive units aligned on a single plane, delivering intricately balanced sound.
  4. Felt Usage: Patented use of felt to correct any issues of mechanical time alignment, ensuring coherence and balance.
  5. External Crossover Unit: Minimizes microphonics and unwanted noise.
  6. Rigorous Quality Control: Extensive testing procedure ensures a perfectly matched pair for maximum sound performance.
  7. Impressive Specifications: Frequency response range of 45Hz to 35kHz, sensitivity of 90dB, a power rating of minimum 60W, and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.
  8. High-Quality Materials: OCC internal wiring for excellent signal transmission, encased in Pommele Bubinga wood or anodized aluminum with stainless steel spikes.


  1. Authentic sound: Experience an authentic acoustic experience that makes you feel the music rather than just hearing it.
  2. Clean, Rich Sound: Technologies like Pulse Coherence, Time Alignment, and the external crossover unit deliver pure and pristine notes.
  3. Consistent Audio Quality: Stringent quality control ensures the same high standard of sound reproduction for years to come.
  4. Easy Integration: OCC internal wiring and high sensitivity allow for easy pairing with a wide range of amplifiers for high-quality sound.
  5. Aesthetic Excellence: Premium materials and sophisticated design make the Senator a conversation-starter in your living space.


  • Product Name: Duntech Senator Floorstanding Speakers
  • Design Theme: "Duntech design directives"
  • Cabinet Type: Sealed box for faster musical transient
  • Sound Quality: Pulse coherency and time alignment for accurate sound and lower distortion
  • Crossover Unit Location: Outside the loudspeaker cabinet to minimize microphonics
  • Extensive Testing: Yes, to ensure a precisely matched stereo pair
  • Quality Control: Rigorous procedure with 100% approval required before packing and delivery
  • Internal Wiring: OCC
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz - 35kHz (±1.5dB)
  • Sensitivity: 90dB @ 2.83V/1 meter
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Crossover Design: 2 way 1st order
  • Power Rating: Minimum 60 watts
  • Drivers - Tweeter: 25mm Fabric Ring Radiator
  • Drivers - Bass: 180mm Sliced Paper
  • Input Terminals: Cardas CPBP
  • Finish: Pommele Bubinga
  • Plinth / Spikes: 15mm Anodized Aluminium with Stainless Steel spikes
  • Dimensions (inc spikes): 1345mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 470mm (D)
  • Weight: 54kg per speaker
  • Expected Lifespan: Several years with a possibility of adding more to the range
  • Commitment: Every Duntech product is treated like a member of their family

In conclusion, the Duntech Senator is a masterful synthesis of cutting-edge engineering and elegant design. Its exceptional sound, which embodies clarity and coherence, delivers an immersive engagement with your favorite tunes. Experience music as the artist intended, unadulterated and beautifully harmonized. With its exquisite aesthetics and unparalleled performance, the Duntech Senator is the perfect addition to any listening space.

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ℹ Specifications
Specifications Details
Product Name Duntech - Senator - Floorstanding Speakers
Design Theme 'Duntech design directives'
Cabinet Type Sealed box for faster musical transient
Sound Quality Pulse coherency and time alignment for accurate sound and lower distortion
Crossover Unit Location Outside the loudspeaker cabinet to minimise microphonics
Extensive Testing Yes, to ensure a precisely matched stereo pair
Quality Control Rigorous procedure with 100% approval required before packing and delivery
Internal Wiring OCC
Frequency Response 45Hz - 35kHz (±1.5dB)
Sensitivity 90dB @ 2.83V/1 meter
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Crossover Design 2 way 1st order
Power Rating Minimum 60 watts
Drivers - Tweeter 25mm Fabric Ring Radiator
Drivers - Bass 180mm Sliced Paper
Input Terminals Cardas CPBP
Finish Pommele Bubinga
Plinth / Spikes 15mm Anodized Aluminium with Stainless Steel spikes
Dimensions (inc spikes) 1345mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 470mm (D)
Weight 54kg per speaker
Expected Lifespan Several years with a possibility of adding more to the range
Commitment Every Duntech product is treated like a member of their family

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