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ETI Research - Link Silver - RCA Connector

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Experience true sonic excellence with ETI Research's Silver LINK RCA Connector, an evolution from the renowned Silver Bullet connectors. The Silver Link focuses on improving EM/RF noise rejection, providing a purer and cleaner audio signal, untouched by the common noise problems holding back other connectors. The innovative design features mass reduction and hollow pins — an expensive manufacturing process but audibly superior. Proudly made from 99.99% pure silver, not merely silver-plated, the Silver LINK assures outstanding conductivity and signal transmission with its hand-assembled return pin designed for years of durability. Luxury isn't cheap, but the Silver LINK RCA Connector's sound quality is priceless. Please note: the Silver LINK comes in a 4 piece pack only (2 pairs).

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ℹ Product Information

Introducing ETI Research Silver LINK RCA Connector

ETI Research presents the premium Silver LINK RCA Connector, a refined version of the highly acclaimed Silver Bullet. Crafted to eliminate unwanted EM/RF noise, the Silver LINK promises an uncompromised audio experience that surpasses its predecessors. Designed with precision and minimalism in mind, this connector features an aluminum housing that shields your audio signal from interference.

Each connector is meticulously sculpted to balance integrity and fluidity in sound by reducing unnecessary mass. The Silver LINK's unique hollow design enhances sound quality and is crafted through expensive machining. Additionally, each return pin is carefully assembled by hand into the body to ensure durability under constant connectivity stress.

What sets the Silver LINK apart from other RCA connectors is its genuine silver construction. Unlike many connectors on the market that are silver-plated, the Silver LINK is meticulously crafted from pure silver. The silver used is sourced from a renowned English foundry that custom-produces silver rods exclusively for ETI Research. The silver is 99.99% pure, verified by standard assay reports, setting it apart from misleading claims of purity often found in the market.

Despite its high-quality materials and construction, the price of the Silver LINK is influenced by the commodity spot price for silver, guaranteeing fair and stable prices. ETI Research is committed to providing a gloss to your audio journey, cutting through the noise to present the truth of sound.


  1. Innovative Design: Specifically designed to shield against EM/RF noise, ensuring pristine audio quality.

  2. Superior Material: Made from 99.99% pure silver sourced from a reputable English foundry, offering excellent conductivity and minimal signal loss.

  3. Reduced Mass: Optimized design that removes unnecessary mass, resulting in improved sound quality.

  4. Aluminum Housing: Features a robust aluminum housing that keeps the audio signal clean and uninterrupted from external influences.

  5. Unique Production: Hand-assembled return pins guarantee durability and longevity, even during long-term connectivity.

  6. Value for Money: Fair pricing influenced by the commodity spot price for silver.

  7. Packaging: Each purchase includes a 4-piece pack (2 pairs) of Silver LINK RCA Connectors.


  1. Unparalleled Audio Experience: The Silver LINK provides superior noise rejection capabilities, ensuring an uncompromised and pristine audio experience.

  2. Guaranteed Purity: Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, the connectors offer optimal sound conductivity and minimal signal alterations.

  3. Long-lasting Durability: Meticulous assembly of each return pin ensures the connectors are built to withstand long-term connectivity stress.

  4. Reliable Shielding: The aluminum housing effectively protects the audio signal from interference.

  5. Affordable Excellence: Despite its high quality, the Silver LINK is priced reasonably, providing excellent value for your money.

  6. Happy Listening: Experience the best audio journey with ETI Research's Silver LINK, hearing your favorite soundtracks in their purest form.


Specification Description
Product name ETI Research - Silver LINK RCA Connector
Material Pure Silver
Design Reduced mass and machining to ensure a clean audio signal
Housing Aluminum housing for improved noise rejection
Signal Pins Hollow Silver LINKs for improved sound
Return Pin Hand-assembled for durability under constant connectivity
Purity of Silver 99.99% pure silver, accompanied by assay reports for verification
Packaging 4-piece pack (2 pairs)
Cost Influence Pricing influenced by commodity silver spot price
Distinction Superior design and longevity
Re-model Evolution of the Silver Bullet with improved noise rejection

In a world where authenticity is rare, the ETI Research Silver LINK RCA Connector stands out as a testament to excellence. Its unique construction enhances every note and beat, making it an integral part of your audio infrastructure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Silver LINK guarantees a pure and unparalleled audio experience. Plug in the Silver LINK RCA Connector and discover the magic that pervades each note, rhythm, and symphony. Elevate your audio experience with the uniquely pure and unmistakably ETI Silver LINK RCA Connector. Let the Silver LINK illuminate your audio world with its unparalleled purity and performance.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Description
Product name ETI Research- Link Silver- RCA Connector
Material Pure Silver
Design The connector is designed with reduced mass to keep away the external influences, with much of the Silver being machined away to ensure a clean audio signal.
Housing The LINK Aluminum Housing offers improved EM/RF noise rejection to keep the audio signal clear.
Signal pins The signal pins are made using the hollow Silver LINKs which enable improved sound.
Return pin The return pin is hand-assembled into the body, ensuring the Silver Link can withstand years of stress when connecting to equipment.
Purity of Silver 99.99% pure Silver, sourced from a custom-made foundry in England. Accompanied by an assay report for verification.
Packaging Comes in a 4-piece pack only (2 pairs)
Cost Influence The cost of the product is driven by the spot price on the commodity market for Silver. Despite fluctuations, ETI Research strives to keep the price as stable as possible.
Distinction The Silver LINK RCA Connector stands out not only due to its material but due to design elements that ensure superior sound and longevity.
Re-model The product is an evolution of the famous Silver Bullet, with improvements made to the noise rejection abilities.

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