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Fostex - TR-70 - Open Back Studio Headphones

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TR-Series Professional Headphones

The brand-new TR-series is a new line of premium professional dynamic headphones from Fostex. The line consists of six different headphones, as three different housing designs are offered (open, closed, and semi-open), each in one of two different impedances (80 ohm or 250 ohm) to meet various demands from the market. The headphone drivers, housings, and other elements have been newly designed from the ground up, and specially tuned by the expert headphone designers at Fostex for the very best audio performance. The open type (TR-70), closed type (TR-80), and semi-open type (TR-90) are the same variations found in the newly redesigned T-RP series headphones. Veteran Fostex fans will recognize the distinctive Fostex-signature “slider bars,” which are also a nod to the design cues of the long-running T-RP series. Each pair of TR series headphones comes with two sets of earpads for customizability by the owner: a set of standard-thickness pads and a set of extra-thick earpads.* Each pair of TR series headphones also includes two different detachable, locking headphone cables: both a coiled cable and a straight one.

*Note: the 80-ohm versions come with the standard thickness pads pre-installed, while the 250-ohm versions have the extra-thick pads pre-installed.

Freshly-developed proprietary Fostex 40mm drivers, and specially-tuned housings for accu-rate sound reproduction and serious monitoring

Offering three design variations: Open (TR-70), Closed (TR-80) and Semi-open (TR-90), as well as two impedance ratings for each design: an 80 ohm version and a 250 ohm version

Each package contains two types of earpads (normal & “extra-thick”) and two types of detachable cables (straight and coiled) so that the owner can tailor the headphones to their own preference

TR-70(80), Stereo Headphones, Open, 80 ohm

TR-70(250), Stereo Headphones, Open, 250 ohm

TR-80(80), Stereo Headphones, Closed, 80 ohm

TR-80(250), Stereo Headphones, Closed, 250 ohm

TR-90(80), Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 80 ohm

TR-90(250), Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 250 ohm