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HiFiMAN - HE-560 - Headphones



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HiFiMan's HE- 560 Headphones belong to the league of the most superior and advanced headphones. With a planar magnetic design, built for both the ultimate sound & comfort, they are a true reference quality headphone (trust me, I actually bought a pair of these as soon as they arrived in-store!).

The HE-560s are an improved version of the acclaimed HE-500 headphone, with the integration of improved features and technological advancements. The HiFiman exploits the Planar Magnetic Technology to offer a true reference quality sound. You can expect to wear one of the most comfortable headphones on the market and experience super-low distortion levels and reference quality sound reproduction.

The HE-560s are designed with precision craftsmanship and are ergonomically designed for pure comfort. The headphones, with stylish wooden ear cups made of superior quality teak wood, add major attraction and look great. They are lighter, softer, and are more convenient than its previous version, thanks to the incorporation of the latest technologies.

These headphones have an incredible frequency response of 15Hz to 50kHz and have excellent staging. They include a premium cable that can be connected to the headphones. The connectors are angled to prevent tangling and irritation. Simple changes like this, that make the overall experience so much better.

These premium headphones have an adjustable strap over the head for easy adjustment. These smooth and ultra-musical headphones do come with a price, but they're worth every cent.

If you're after a lightweight, comfortable reference quality headphone that provides an almost unheard of the 15hz-50kHz frequency range and incredible staging, you probably aren't reading this part, because, like me, you've already bought them!


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