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James Loudspeaker - SO-SXC420R - In-Wall Speaker

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Our Thoughts

Dive into the world of premier audio quality with the SXC420 in-wall speaker from James Loudspeaker. Crafted for smaller spaces where superior sound does not compromise on style, this small-format speaker is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. Inspired by the renowned QXC in-ceiling speakers, this innovative design pairs a 0.75" aluminum dome tweeter over a high-excursion 4" woofer for crisp, clear sound. When coupled with a James subwoofer, the SXC420 truly enhances your home audio ambience. Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, the design allows for easy installation, without sacrificing durability or compromise on elegance. Incorporating James' signature Santoprene™ surrounds, this speaker can even withstand marine environments. With a paintable grille and flush mount preconstruction board among its host of features, your SXC420 speaker seamlessly integrates into any room, delivering the rich, captivating sound that James Loudspeaker is known for.

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ℹ Product Information

James Loudspeaker - SO-SXC420R In-Wall Speaker

Introducing the James Loudspeaker - SO-SXC420R In-Wall Speaker – an innovative combination of premium design and exquisite sound engineering, tucked into an elegant, easy-to-install figure. Compact yet powerful, the SXC420 offers professional-quality audio in small format loudspeakers, featuring a synchronized, 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter masterfully positioned over a proprietary high-excursion 4-inch woofer. This acoustic wonder builds on the longstanding success and design inspiration of our QXC in-ceiling speakers, tailoring monolithic performance into spaces where our larger SA series may be too substantial. Intended for intimate, snug areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, the SXC420's richness and depth are further magnified when paired with one of our James subwoofers. Crafted with precision, our woofers utilize aluminum cones and Santoprene™ surrounds, a unique blend designed to facilitate marine use while maintaining unparalleled sonic quality. From build material to installation convenience, simplicity meets superiority with the SXC420. Each speaker's enclosure is meticulously fashioned from aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum and comes with paintable grilles for effortless aesthetic adaptation. Bonus, its distinct 3-piece installation method, involving a lightweight frame, independent speaker body, and a sleek, border-less aluminum grille ensures installation is a breeze for both retrofit and new construction ventures. Best of all, the grille's smart design protrudes less than 3/16”, ensuring a subtle integration into any environment. With specifications tailored specifically to guarantee an exceptional audio experience, our SXC420 models redefine what it means to be small but mighty. A wonder for the senses, the James Loudspeaker - SO-SXC420R In-Wall Speakers delivers a sounding performance that truly resonates.


Coaxially Mounted 0.75-inch Dome Tweeter

Driven to elevate the concept of sound, the SXC420 speaker introduces a masterfully positioned, 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter. This exclusive feature optimally enhances the high-frequency response, delivering crystal-clear audio detail to every song or soundtrack.

Proprietary High-Excursion 4-inch Woofer

Engineered specifically, the SXC420 loudspeaker harbors a proprietary high-excursion 4-inch woofer design. The use of aluminum cones with Santoprene™ surrounds ensures resistance to harsh marine conditions while offering top-quality sound reproduction.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Enclosure

Built to last, the SXC420 speaker is encased in a powerful frame, exclusively fashioned from aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum. This robust housing guarantees to withstand extreme conditions while reducing vibration and distortion for a seamless sound experience.

Unique 3-Piece Installation Method

Ensuring easy integration into any room, the SXC420 speaker utilizes a unique, three-piece installation method. This smart system featuring an ultra-lightweight frame, independent speaker body, and a border-less grille simplifies the entire installation process for retrofit and new construction projects.

Customizable Appearance

The white paintable grilles allow for an effortless custom finish that easily blends with any room's decor, promising striking aesthetic adaptability, effectively mirroring your distinct style.


Superior Audio Experience

With its powerful woofer and precision-engineered tweeter, the SXC420 speaker guarantees a superior audio experience, producing professional-quality audio, filling your home with rich, dynamic, and highly detailed sound.

Ideal for Compact Spaces

Designed for intimate spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, the SXC420 speaker’s compact design ensures the perfect fit without compromising on sound quality, making every listening experience enjoyable.

Exceptional Durability

The aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure provides lasting durability. Experience unbeatable reliability as the SXC420 can withstand harsh environments, promising long-term, high-performance audio entertainment.

Effortless Installation

The unique three-piece installation method ensures a stress-free setup process. The lightweight design coupled with its border-less grille lets you swiftly install the SXC420 into your preferred location, crafting an seamlessly integrated look.

Visually Appealing

Featuring paintable grilles, the SXC420 speaker allows for easy customization, letting you effortlessly match your room's aesthetics, subtly blending into the environment while providing excellent sound reproduction.

Versatile Functionality

Enhance your audio system by pairing the SXC420 speaker with a James subwoofer. Enjoy a wider dynamic range and deeper bass response, transforming your listening experience to another level.

Marine Approved Quality

Formulated to withstand marine environments, the aluminum cones and Santoprene™ surrounds on its woofer ensure durability and sound quality, no matter the conditions. Enjoy phenomenal audio experiences everywhere, even on the sea!


Specifications Description
Frequency Response 80Hz-20kHz +/-3dB
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 88dB 2.83V/1m
Recommended Power Range 25 - 100W
Woofer (1) 4" (101mm) Aluminum
Tweeter (1) 0.75" (19mm) Aluminum
Enclosure Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Finishes White Paintable Grille
Cutout Ø5.77" (147mm)
Width 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Depth 6.26 in (159.00 mm)
Grille Height 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Grille Width 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Preconstruction Board (PCB) SXC420PB
Flush Mount Preconstruction Board (PCBF) SXC420R-PBF/SXC420S-PBF

In conclusion, the James Loudspeaker - SO-SXC420R In-Wall Speaker fundamentally reshapes small-format audio, reconciling compact design and uncompromising sound in a game-changing model, wonderfully fitted for smaller spaces. From its intelligently engineered acoustic components to its refined, easy-install construction, each feature is purposefully curated to deliver an unmatched audio experience tailored to your environment. Partner this with a James Subwoofer and truly elevate your home sound ecosystem to something extraordinary. Engineered with precision, installed with ease, and resounding with quality – the SXC420 is where size meets might. For experiencing music and sound like never before right within your space, contact The Audio Tailor at 1300 308 711 or or visit us at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. You're also welcome to reach us via our contact page at As Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, we guarantee superior service and advice tailored to your audio needs. Experience the power of the SO-SXC420R In-Wall Speaker today!

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Description
Frequency Response 80Hz-20kHz +/-3dB
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 88dB 2.83V/1m
Recommended Power Range 25 - 100W
Woofer (1) 4" (101mm) Aluminum
Tweeter (1) 0.75" (19mm) Aluminum
Enclosure Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Finishes White Paintable Grille
Cutout Ø5.77" (147mm)
Width 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Depth 6.26 in (159.00 mm)
Grille Height 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Grille Width 6.5 in (165.10 mm)
Preconstruction Board (PCB) SXC420PB
Flush Mount Preconstruction Board (PCBF) SXC420R-PBF/SXC420S-PBF

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