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Leema - Elements - CD Player

by Leema

Available in black only

The Leema Elements CD Player continues the Leema tradition of ground breaking design, facilities and performance by incorporating many unique Leema innovations and the very best parts and processes available.

The TEAC dedicated audio transport produces extremely low levels of jitter, typically around 50 pS @ 1 kHz. This provides an excellent digital data stream, which is then balanced to feed the converters. Leema’s latest Quattro Infinity Multi-DAC uses multiple 24 bit/192 kHz multi-bit delta sigma data converters, specifically selected for their outstanding audio performance. The resulting audio output possesses vanishingly low levels of noise, distortion and crosstalk, to produce a musically compelling and breathtakingly real performance.

Dual analogue outputs are provided for both balanced and unbalanced connection. This allows the connection of two stereo Leema power amplifiers which when controlled by LIPS® produces a totally purist bi-amplified hi-fi system of astonishing quality and unbelievably elegant simplicity.

Ease of use by infra-red remote control and full LIPS® master and slave implementation allows for easy system integration with other Leema products and home automation systems.


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Signal to noise ratio: -105 dB (A weighted)
  • IM Distortion: 0.001% (19+20 kHz)
  • Distortion: 20 Hz 0.005%, 1 kHz 0.001%, 20 kHz 0.001%
  • Crosstalk: 1 kHz -118 dB, 10 kHz -100 dB
  • Output Level: 2.3VRMS for 0dBFS
  • Jitter 1KHz: < 50pS
  • Jitter total correlated: < 150pS
  • DACs: 24bit/192kHz Quattro Infinity
  • Number of Balanced Outputs (XLR): 2
  • Number of Un-Balanced Outputs (RCA): 2
  • Digital Outputs: 1 S/PDIF Coax, 1 S/PDIF Optical
  • LIPS® system: Master or Slave
  • Dimensions: 220*340*88mm
  • Mass: 5Kg

(See User Manual for full specification)

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