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Leema - Stream IV - CD Player/Streamer

by Leema

The Stream returns! Sporting the same powerful streaming module featured in the Quasar to complement a quality CD transport mechanism, the new Stream IV is a digital source for the modern age.

The new Stream IV sports a high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz streaming module and the highly regarded Stream Unlimited CD mechanism sourced from Germany. The respected ESS 9018 Sabre DAC chip nestled inside the Stream IV's stylish full-width casing works with the streaming module and CD mech. However, should you already own a high-performance DAC, you can hook it up using the coaxial and optical digital outputs – and a USB input for hard drive connection. The result is a do-it-all, multitasking machine.  The Stream IV renders streamed audio by employing the MConnect UPnP/DLNA app. Through this, you can access and playback from networked music devices.

Attaching the Leema to your network can be done via either wired or wireless operation, the latter simplified through pressing the blue WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button at the rear. The rear panel also sports a pair of Wi-Fi aerials, plus and a power socket that leads to the built-in Noratel linear power supply. It can hook up to your preamplifier or integrated via the RCA analogue outputs.

To send music from anywhere to the Leema, including from Dropbox or OneDrive, Leema recommends MConnect; a free-to-download UPnP app and comes in iOS and Android, however, is open to other control apps.

Leema's Stream IV is talented at pulling all the ones and zeros together and presenting them in a pleasing way, no matter whether they're spun up from CD, streamed from one of the popular providers or come courtesy of your very own music library. It has excellent rhythmic insight, vibrant tonality and impressive dynamics with excellent soundstaging.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Welshpool, Leema Acoustics' Stream IV is built to a high standard – inside and out. Aesthetically, it is attractively yet soberly styled, being visually subtle enough to fit in with components from myriad other brands yet it still retains much of its own distinctive look. Sonically brilliant, it's distinctively Leema in the way it sounds, which means clean, fast, lithe and detailed with a natural rhythmic flow that's fun to listen to. It has a controlled and accurate character, yet is most certainly not overly forensic - this holds for both the CD playing side and the streaming.

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