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Marantz - M-CR611 - Network CD Receiver



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Marantz - M-CR611 - Network CD Receiver Microsystem

  • High-Resolution Audio Support
  • 4 Channel Amplification - Run two individual pairs of speakers
  • CD Player, FM, DAB & DAB+ Radio Tuners, DLNA + more
  • Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM
  • Backed by our Money Back Guarantee & Full Warranty

As for features, you'll find a CD player, FM, DAB and DAB+ radio tuners, built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth with NFC compatibility, as well as Spotify Connect and AirPlay.

What Hi Fi

Featuring a broad range of listening & streaming options, the new Marantz model, M-CR611 is reinvigorating the market & creating a sense of excitement amongst music lovers. With so many ways to enjoy music, iPod, CD, Streaming, Radio, etc., Not many devices can say they have it all covered. In addition, the M-CR611 includes 4 Channels of Digital Amplification.

While MP3s are still the dominant format; many music lovers are searching for the detail & fidelity that can only be found in specific audio formats. The M-CR611 supports such formats, bringing high-resolution audio to us audiophiles & music lovers with additional support for WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF & at resolutions of up to an incredible 24-bit/192kHz. The M-CR611 also brings an exciting new format to your ears, DSD 2.8Mhz. DSD is widely accepted as the preferred format for Audiophiles worldwide.

For example, an MP3 of your favourite song, versus your favourite song in the aforementioned high-resolution formats, would be like comparing a scooter with a V8 Luxury Sedan. A scooter is convenient when ‘scooting' through the city, but when you're ready to enjoy your drive, the Sedan has the features & comforts that give you goosebumps and put a huge smile on your face. With the M-CR611, you must be prepared to get wrinkle lines from smiling.

  • High-Resolution Audio Support
  • 4 Channel Amplification
  • CD Player, FM, DAB & DAB+ Radio Tuners, DLNA + more
  • Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM
  • Quick and Easy set up


You know the M-CR611 is made by Marantz when you see the premium & versatile feature set that is included. The M-CR611 features four channels of highly efficient digital audio amplification. the M-CR611 includes independent volume control for each individual pair. The unit can also be set up to run 1 pair, but with double the output power. For those looking for that something extra special, Marantz has added the ability to connect a pair of audiophile grade bi-amp compatible speakers. Low Distortion. Low Impedance. High output.

The App:

A deluxe, ergonomic remote is included. However, you can easily control the M-CR611 with the iOS/Android app available in the App Store (free). The app conveniently allows you to select between one or both pairs of speakers as well.


If you're after a compact unit, at an incredibly affordable price, that supports a huge range of modern audiophile-grade formats & at resolutions so high, that some studios in the world still don't record at, then the M-CR611 is for you. Backed fully by our Product guarantees & Full Warranty, you can purchase the M-CR611 in-store, by phone or click the Add To Cart button and have it shipped directly to your door for free.

Recommended Add-ons / Accessories:

If you're after cables, speakers or any other components / accessories - please give us a call. It's important that you match the device with other components to get the best performance possible. You can call us toll free on 1300 308 711.


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