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Marantz - SA12-SE - Premium SACD Player

by Marantz
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Our Thoughts

Bask in the symphony of your favourite music with Marantz SA12-SE Premium SACD Player. Unleash a viscerally mesmerising auditory experience crafted by a team with over 35 years of expertise. Celebrating the profound sensation music evokes, this SACD player delivers a sound quality that transcends the norm, enveloping you right into the soul of the melodies. Utilising the innovative Marantz Musical Mastering technology, your favourite tunes are converted to an unparalleled digital and analogue audio processing standard. The SACDM-3 mechanism plays SACDs, CDs, and compilations on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with ease. The SA12-SE simultaneously acts as a high-end DAC for music stored on PCs or transport mediums. With the application of Marantz HDAM technology, the SA12-SE delivers an agile, accurate, and detailed sound, enabling a high-resolution audio experience that lets music bathe your senses. The product also features a dedicated headphone amplifier and supports various audio formats. Celebrate your love of music with Marantz Premium SACD Player, because music matters.

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ℹ Product Information

Product Description - Marantz SA-12SE Special Edition Super Audio CD Player

The Marantz SA-12SE Special Edition Super Audio CD Player is a testament to the expertise and dedication that has marked Marantz as the go-to choice to elevate your music listening experience. With over 35 years of experience spearheading the launch of the original CD-63 in 1982, Marantz revels in its role as a CD-Player specialist. The SA-12SE, crafted by the same team that brought you the standout flagship SA-10, is a tribute to music lovers everywhere, delivering unrivaled sound reproduction bolstered by our ground-breaking Marantz Musical Mastering technology.

As a Marantz Special Edition, the SA-12SE transcends the ordinary, embracing unprecedented disc mechanism and a redefined digital and analogue audio processing that optimally handles all formats - from SACDs, CDs, to compilations on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, transforming conventional listening to a relishing experience. A bonus asynchronous USB input ensures flawless handling of numerous formats that reach up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and the soaring DSD11.2MHz.

The Marantz Musical Mastering Stream accentuates your listening experience by transforming all PCM file formats into the pristine DSD format - a feat accomplished using advanced filtering and our proprietary processing, thus eliminating the need for a regular D/A converter. With Marantz, we bring the rhythm right up to your doorstep. It's not just the sound; it's an immersive symphony that reverberates with every beat, resonating in your soul, because at Marantz, we believe - music matters.

Features & Benefits:

  1. SACDM-3 Transport Mechanism: Engineered to deliver the best possible sound from SACDs, CDs, and music stored on data discs. Delivers exceptional sound quality, giving you the spectacular listening experience you deserve.

  2. High-Resolution Compilation Support: Handles FLAC files from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, DSD2.8MHz and DSD 5.6MHz, ALAC, AIFF, and MP3 files. You can create and enjoy high-resolution disc compilation effortlessly.

  3. Diverse Input Functions: Not only is it a top-quality CD player, but it also acts as a fully functional digital-to-analogue converter for music stored on home computers. It features optical and coaxial digital inputs for existing source components, and an Asynchronous USB input for direct connection with a computer.

  4. Marantz HDAM Technology: Using unique High Dynamic Amplifier Modules, the SA-12SE delivers a dynamic, accurate, and detailed sound, offering unparalleled music experience.

  5. Marantz Musical Mastering: This technology up-converts PCM signals to DSD format, enabling immersive sound reproduction that transcends typical digital audio processing.

  6. High Current Power Supply: Independent power supplies for analogue and digital circuits minimize interference, supplying clean power for superior audio performance.

  7. Dedicated Headphone Output: The player features a front panel headphone jack with its own gain control, catering to a wide range of headphone types and impedance levels.

  8. Heavy-duty, Elegant Design: Designed with a thick, non-magnetic aluminium front panel that helps eliminate interference, guaranteeing optimal functioning and longevity.

  9. Single Layer Nickel-plated Matching Copper RCA Terminals: The SA-12SE offers superior performance thanks to these top-grade terminals.

  10. Marantz Over 65 years Heritage: Backed by a rich history of producing high-quality audio components, the SA-12SE continues Marantz’s tradition of delivering superior audio experience.

With the SA-12SE, you don't just listen - you experience every nuance and emotional depth that your favourite music has to offer. Its meticulous design and unbeatable features make it the premium choice for audiophiles around the world. For anyone who values their music above all else - this is the SACD player for you.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Type: Special Edition Super Audio CD Player with DAC
  • Brand: Marantz
  • Model: SA-12SE
  • CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / SA-CD / WMA / MP3 / AAC SA-CD Text / ID3 Tag / WMA TAG
  • USB input DAC operation mode: USB / Coax / Optical
  • HDAM version: SA3, SA2
  • Power Transformer: Toroidal
  • Cinch: 2ch Analog Out (Gold plated Cinch, Analog out Nickel plated)
  • Headphone Out: Yes, with Headphone Gain Control
  • Mechanism: SACDM-3
  • Low Pass Filter stage: HDAM-SA3/SA2 (current feedback)
  • SA-CD AUDIO: Frequency Response - 2 Hz - 50 kHz; Dynamic Range - 109 dB; Signal to Noise Ratio - 112 dB; Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.0008% (1kHz)
  • CDDA AUDIO: Frequency Response - 2 Hz - 20 kHz; Dynamic Range - 98 dB; Signal to Noise Ratio - 104 dB; Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.0015% (1kHz)
  • USB-A: For USB memory devices (back)
  • USB-B: For PC connection (back)
  • Digital Inputs: Optical / Coaxial
  • Input Formats: 192kHz/24bit, up to 384kHz/32bit
  • DSD Audio Streaming: DSD2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2MHz
  • Front Panel: Heavy, Non-Magnetic Aluminium
  • Available Colours: Gold / Black
  • Remote Control: RC005PMSA
  • Standby Consumption: 0.3W
  • Maximum Dimensions: 440 x 419 x 123 mm
  • Weight: 16.4 kg

In conclusion, the Marantz SA-12SE Special Edition Super Audio CD Player stands at the pinnacle of high-fidelity sound experience, meticulously engineered to reproduce music in its purest form. Whether you're a long-time Marantz enthusiast or a discerning audiophile seeking exceptional musical precision, the SA-12SE transcends expectations, offering a surreal and immersive listening journey like no other.

Remember, here at The Audio Tailor, voted Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store, we are just a call away at 1300 308 711 or an email away at You can also visit our Brisbane store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172 or check our contact page at

With the Marantz SA-12SE, you don't just listen to music, you live it. Elevate your listening experience; because music isn't just what we do, it's who we are – and with Marantz, and The Audio Tailor, music truly matters.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Description
Product Type Special Edition Super Audio CD Player with DAC
Brand Marantz
Model SA-12SE
CD Compatibility CD / CD-R/RW / SA-CD / WMA / MP3 / AAC SA-CD Text / ID3 Tag / WMA TAG
USB input DAC operation mode USB / Coax / Optical
HDAM version SA3, SA2
Power Transformer Toroidal
Cinch 2ch Analog Out (Gold plated Cinch, Analog out Nickel plated)
Headphone Out Yes, with Headphone Gain Control
Mechanism SACDM-3
Low Pass Filter stage HDAM-SA3/SA2 (current feedback)
SA-CD AUDIO Frequency Response - 2 Hz - 50 kHz; Dynamic Range - 109 dB; Signal to Noise Ratio - 112 dB; Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.0008% (1kHz)
CDDA AUDIO Frequency Response - 2 Hz - 20 kHz; Dynamic Range - 98 dB; Signal to Noise Ratio - 104 dB; Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.0015% (1kHz)
USB-A For USB memory devices (back)
USB-B For PC connection (back)
Digital Inputs Optical / Coaxial
Input Formats 192kHz/24bit, up to 384kHz/32bit
DSD Audio Streaming DSD2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2MHz
Front Panel Heavy, Non-Magnetic Aluminium
Available Colours Gold / Black
Remote Control RC005PMSA
Standby Consumption 0.3W
Maximum Dimensions 440 x 419 x 123 mm
Weight 16.4 kg

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