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Monitor Audio - Platinum PLW215 II - Subwoofer

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We’re asking you to recall your last encounter with the awe-inspiring power of thunder; how its enormous natural presence is able to translate the experience of low frequency sound into a shock wave. The PLW215 II will help you to re-live the air-bending effect of Mother Nature’s own subwoofer within your listening room.

Twin 15" C-CAM drivers, triple-suspended for a full 4 cm of excursion and individually powered by DSP-controlled amplifiers, will deliver clean frequencies down to 16 Hz. At this level, bass arrives with a percussive impact that you feel from head to toe, seamlessly extending even the PL500 II to deliver breath-taking audio resolution beyond the limits of your audible range, but with a physical dimension that absorbs the senses. Put simply, it’s the sound of nature, vividly re-created.

Even so, all this explosive audio potency would be wasted without control. Adjust the in-room response of the PLW215 II on the top panel or via laptop using our proprietary ‘SubConnect’ software. Within this global setting, the 24bit DSP offers four fully configurable user presets per input, including pre-set modes for Flat/Music/Movie/Impact EQ settings. If you wish to fine-tune, you can adjust frequency, slope, trim and EQ filters for each preset. There’s also a Night Mode, which actively reduces the dynamic range of louder sections according to the level you desire. The PLW215 II is the most powerful, sophisticated and natural sounding bass engine we have ever built, and so complements the flagship Platinum II range with impeccable precision.



  • Twin 15" C-CAM drivers, triple-suspended for a full 4cm of excursion
  • A dedicated DSP-controlled amplifier powers each driver
  • SubConnect software: adjust in-room response using top panel dial or laptop
  • 4 user presets per input, including preset Flat/Music/Movie/Impact modes
  • Night Mode: actively reduces dynamic range of louder sections to desired level
  • High current Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
  • 12v trigger in (3.5 mm mono mini-jack, 6v threshold)
  • IR remote included, IR receiver on front panel
  • 3.5 mm microphone input jack, microphone included


Platinum Overview


If a pin drops, you’ll hear it. When the orchestra plays, it plays for you, so vividly and with such effortless scale you’ll believe you’re ten rows from the stage. This is the magic of high-end audio as experienced through the Platinum II speakers. Whether it’s a power chord exploding from a towering backline, the majesty of a choir soaring in union or the spell-binding gravity of a solo performance, you’ll sense the chemistry of music and musician more than ever before.

Play films and re-live the drama as if they’d written you into the script. As soon as you discover the sheer authenticity of Platinum II, everything will become clear.

That moment will be our reward as well, because Monitor Audio love to share the excitement of creating sound, bursting with natural energy and dynamics. For over forty years their work as engineers and audio enthusiasts has been dedicated to this unveiling. With our most advanced driver, crossover and acoustic systems set within luxurious cabinets, they’ve tuned the virtues that have won Monitor Audio worldwide acclaim to a new intensity, allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and enjoyed. Platinum II is Monitor Audios magnum opus, as inspirational and satisfying to them as they hope it will be to you


The Platinum II cabinets are a statement of immaculate craftsmanship. Each is hand-built with the expert precision of the finest furniture makers, employing multiple laminations of veneer that are formed into a curved rigid shell.

For the finish, natural wood veneers in Natural Ebony are pair-matched, applied and hand-coated with 11 layers of clear gloss piano lacquer, then polished to reveal the glowing lustre in the grain. Platinum II models are also available in a penetrating piano black gloss lacquer, which will offer a luxurious contrast with room décor.

The front baffles are hand-upholstered with the very highest quality Inglestone leather supplied by Andrew Muirhead and used to distinguish many luxury British brands. Such is the level of care lavished on the Platinum II enclosures that each requires as many as 144 hours to complete.


Platinum II offers you genuine audiophile performance with stunning design and materials specification.

In the pursuit of ever lower distortion, no detail has been overlooked. Through meticulous FEA modelling Monitor Audio have optimised the operation of electrical, mechanical, magnetic and acoustic systems, introducing new discoveries to meet ambitious performance goals.

The Platinum II range deploys an enhanced generation of RDT bass and mid-drivers, and for the first time in a Monitor Audio product, the MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high-frequency Transducer.

Including improved crossover and speaker terminal designs together with proprietary ARC, TLE, HiVe II technologies, Platinum II builds on the award-winning advances of over forty years to create a high-end speaker range that is utterly faithful to the source.


MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) High-Frequency Transducer. Developed over many months of intensive testing and listening, the MPD high-frequency Transducer is a landmark achievement by the engineering team for Platinum II. It represents an imaginative re-working of an existing technology, transforming a successful idea into an audiophile super-driver, having greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

Using a new, proprietary low-mass pleated diaphragm with a surface area eight times larger than that of a traditional dome tweeter, the MPD Transducer works like a super-fast accordion by rapidly squeezing the pleats to produce a smooth, wide, naturally fast response up to 100 kHz.

As a result it sounds more lifelike, releasing the high harmonic spectrum of every note without the distortion that blurs definition

Driver Features:

  • RDT II (Rigid Diaphragm Technology 2nd Generation)

A composite ‘sandwich’ structure made from ultra-thin low mass skins, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex® core material. It is very light and very strong, meaning that it can respond with great speed without bending – just like a perfect piston. RDT II uses C-CAM for the front skin, while the rear skin is made from a woven carbon fibre material. Monitor Audio discovered that the new structure reduces distortion by over 8 dB above 300 Hz, which makes RDT II the lowest distortion cone technology in Monitor Audio’s history

  • Improved Cone Geometry and Suspension

The new RDT II diaphragms have a shallower ‘dished’ profile formed without a centre hole to create a continuous radiating surface with greater strength and structural integrity. A more efficient drive motor sits behind the cone to produce faster and more responsive driver excursions, lower distortion and sound which is closer to nature

  • Crossover Design

Unsurprisingly Monitor Audio have re-designed the crossover networks with best possible components, utilising air core inductors in all mid-range and tweeter sections, and laminated steel cores for bass sections. Audiophile grade metallised polypropylene capacitors have been custom made and hand-picked within a 1% tolerance for the best possible sound quality and consistency.

  • New Patented ‘DCF’ Mechanism
A new innovation in every driver replaces the

usual rigid coupling of driver and voice coil with a pliable one. This ‘Dynamic Coupling Filter’ is a nylon ring ingeniously calibrated to be rigid up to the crossover frequency, and to act like a spring above it. In so doing the DCF helps to dampen surplus high-frequency energy produced by the driver. It’s also perforated to encourage voice coil cooling and release air pressure from behind the cone for maximum driver efficiency. Result: more natural sound.

  • Underhung, Edge-Wound Voice Coils

All Platinum II drivers have been designed using ‘underhung’ voice coils, which ensure that even during extreme driver excursions, the coil remains within the magnetic gap, converting all the electrical energy into movement. What’s more we use rectangular instead of round wire in the voice coil to get more copper in the gap for greater drive energy from the motor. Outcome: greater driver efficiency, more piston-like motion, less distortion and more lifelike dynamics.

  • Thermal Optimisation

When a voice coil becomes too hot, the driver starts to lose efficiency. This is called power compression. For Platinum II, the drivers, the magnetic structures, voice coil formers and even the voice-coil itself have been anodised black to draw heat away from the coil during high-drive conditions, maintaining efficiency and improving power handling. Result: true- to-life dynamics and greater fidelity

Cabinet Design

  • Bolt-Though Drivers

Each Platinum II driver is fixed to the cabinet from the back using a long bolt tightened to a specific torque during production. The bolt serves to provide the driver with an equal clamping force around the periphery, avoiding the need for front fixings while ensuring that the motor system is properly braced. The bolts also act to further brace the entire speaker for enhanced structural rigidity. Result: reduced cabinet vibration for clearer sound and also cleaner aesthetics

  • Hive II (Hi-Velocity Vent, 2nd Generation)

A refined port technology which uses a straight rifled design to accelerate air flow and reduce turbulence. HiVe II technology has the ability to move air in and out much more rapidly than a conventional port. Result: naturally fast bass enhancement to complement the drivers. Platinum II speakers are internally wired using Monitor Audios ‘Pureflow’ silver-plated OFC copper cable, selected for its audio purity and high conductivity

  • Curved and Braced Cabinet Construction

Curved surfaces are inherently stronger than flat surfaces, and since the internal sides are non-regular, standing wave formation is suppressed. New internal bracing structures have been developed to ensure the ultimate in structural integrity, and bitumastic damping material applied to all internal cabinet walls to ensure that all cabinet vibration is absorbed. Result: a supremely rigid, acoustically inert enclosure for natural, true-to-life fidelity

  • Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC)

A cast thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally damped components. ARC is used for Platinum II’s mid-range housings and baffle components. Result: reduced cabinet vibration for purer sound quality.

  • TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure)

The tapered and sealed internal enclosure for Platinum II’s mid-range drivers is cast from ARC material and designed to stop the formation of standing waves (internal sound wave reflections) in the cabinet. Result: greater midrange accuracy and reduced cabinet vibration for more accurate sound.

Fine Details

  • Individual Driver Grilles

With the exception of the PLIC II and Platinum In-Wall II, which use a more traditional baffle cover, all Platinum II drivers are protected by individual grilles, designed to provide excellent acoustic transparency.

This means that whether you prefer the speaker with the grilles on or off, it will still deliver the sonic superlatives.

  • Bespoke Speaker Terminals and Footings

Platinum II’s terminal design is precision milled from solid copper with Rhodium plated conductor parts. Rhodium has been selected for its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to oxidisation. Terminals are designed to accept a spade, 4 mm banana plug or bare wire, up to 4 mm in diameter (7AWG).

The adjustable spiked feet supplied with the PL200 II, PL300 II, PL500 II, PLW215 II and the PL100 II and Centre floor-stands are machined from high-grade alloy and anodised to the most exacting quality standards. Alternative ‘bullet’ spikes are milled from high-tensile steel and chrome plated to the finest mirror finish. For hard or solid wood flooring, a non-slip rubber pad is integrated with the foot design. To aid the initial positioning of the PL500 II its plinth incorporates easy-slide, surface-sensitive feet, which can be replaced with the spiked fittings when the speaker’s final location is determined.



  • System Format - Sealed Cabinet with vibration cancelling driver configuration, 25 mm M.D.F. construction with internal bracing and sealed amplifier compartment
  • Lower Frequency Limit - -3 dB @ 23 Hz / -10 dB @ 18 Hz (Free Field) default preset: Music, -3 dB @ 19 Hz / -10 dB @ 16 Hz (In Room) default preset: Music, Limited by low frequency protection filter (-3 dB @ 12 Hz)
  • Upper Frequency Limit - -3 dB @ 150 Hz
  • Drive Unit Complement - 2 x 15" C-CAM sub-woofer drivers featuring inverted surround and triple suspension for increase support at high excursions. Black single layer edge wound 3" voice coil with vented pole, vented coil and black CED coated motor unit to reduce power compression and increase thermal dissipation. FEA optimised cone, magnetics and suspensions for optimal performance and increased linearity
  • Linear Driver Excursion - 42 mm Peak to Peak, Total displacement 6.4 Litres
  • Amplifier Output - Dual Amplifier design with a single amplifier powering each driver, Combined 1400 W RMS, 2000 W Peak (Burst Ratio 1:4 Continuous, Measured into two non-reactive 4 Ohm Loads)
  • Amplifier Classification - 2x Class-D amplifiers, Balanced Differential Input, Differentially loaded Power Supply, DSP controlled. High current Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
  • DSP - 172 MHz DSP Core with 3500 instructions per sample, 139 dB of dynamic range and 56-bit double precision processing, dynamically updated by an 80 MHz MCU
  • Digital Conversion - Wolfson Microelectronics (Cirrus Logic) ADC & DAC @ 24bit/48KHz. (WM8786 ADC & WM8740 DAC)
  • LED UI Control Panel - Adjustable brightness 0% - 100%, configurable auto off feature. Quick access to menu items: Trim, LPF, Phase, Preset Select
  • Global Settings (via SubConnect) - Display Brightness (0-100%), Dim (to 50% or to Off), Default Preset, Mute Link Outputs, 12V Trigger Assignment (Power on/off or Preset select), Input gain (Master -80 to +20dB, Trim -6 to +6dB, Mute), Phase (0-360 in 15 degree steps), Night Mode Threshold (-2dB to -20dB), Auto On / OFF (Enable Signal Sense, Always On, Time to off 5-240mins)
  • User Presets (via SubConnect) - 4 fully configurable user Presets including, Preset Name, LPF Frequency (5Hz Steps from 20-135Hz), LPF Slope Order (-12 or -24dB/Oct), Input (Stereo, LFE or Both), Trim Offset (-6 to +6dB), EQ mode (Impact, Music, Movie or Default), User EQ (6 adjustable filters applied on top of EQ mode), Room EQ (On/OFF), Night Mode (On/OFF)
  • User Equalisation (via SubConnect) - 6 fully controllable EQ filters and 6 default filters with gain offset per preset, Default settings: Flat / Music / Movie / Impact
  • Room Correction EQ - 6 System controlled parametric EQ filters set using advanced detection algorithm. Measurement can be initiated from the control panel or the SubConnect with up to microphone 6 positions (default 2)
  • Night Mode - Night mode, assignable (on or off) per Preset with global threshold (-2 dB to -20 dB). Introduces dynamic range reduction lowering the level of loud sections
  • Phase Control - 0-360 degrees, Increments of 15 degrees with a pure invert at 180 degrees
  • Low Pass Filter Alignment - 2nd or 4th order (12 or 24 dB/Octave), Increments of 5 Hz from 35 Hz to 135 Hz
  • Auto Sensing Input Requirements - Line Level >1mV on unbalanced and balanced inputs. Auto Standby feature, adjustable between 5-240 minutes in increments of 5mins
  • Digital Volume Level - -11 to +11 dB in 1 dB increments, Via the control panel. -80 to +20 in 1 dB increments, via SubConnect application
  • IR Remote Control Code - Supplied IR remote. Front facing IR receiver with red LED response. Additional discrete IR codes for automation available in the manual
  • SubConnect (PC Application) - Windows (7 onwards) (32/64bit) compatible setup application available from the Monitor Audio website and on the supplied USB stick in the Platinum II Tool Kit. Allows the user to control advanced subwoofer setup features. Settings can be saved while not connected to the subwoofer for off sight setup.
  • Audio Input Connection - LFE Input with Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (RCA) inputs, Stereo Input with unbalanced (RCA) inputs. Inputs individually assignable to any Preset
  • Connection - 12v Trigger in (3.5mm mono mini-jack, 6v threshold), assignable to On/Off or Preset change, 3.5mm Microphone input jack (mic supplied), RJ45 connector supporting RS232 (EIA/TIA - 561, Tx Pin 6, Rx Pin 5, Gnd Pin 4), IR repeater – Output (3.5mm mono mini-jack), USB – Type B, for connecting to SubConnect PC application and Firmware update
  • Electrical Certifications - CE / CB/ ETL / Fcc / ErP (Energy saving compliant)
  • Mains Input Voltage - 100 - 120 Vac / 220 - 240 Vac 50/60 Hz (Manually selected)
  • Power Consumption - Maximum 1200 W, Standby <0.5 W (ErP compliance)
  • Fuse Type - 20 mm T12.5AL 250VAC
  • External Dimensions (Including Amp, Drivers and Terminals (H x W x D)) - 500 x 504 x 512.5 mm (1911/16 x 1913/16 x 203/16")
  • External Dimensions (Including Amp, Drivers, Terminals and Feet (H x W x D)) - 545.8 x 504 x 512.5 mm (211/2x 1913/16x 202/16")
  • Weight (unpacked) - 57.54 kg (126 lb 10 oz)


Please note: Ebony and Rosewood finishes are special order products. Enquire for lead time

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