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Montaudio - Arrowtown CF-1 - Banana Plugs

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Elevate your sound system's capabilities with Montaudio's Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs. Crafted using premium-grade materials, these high-performance connectors boast gold-plated BFA banana terminations housed in elegant black carbon fibre, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing addition to your gear. Engineered for the ultimate audio experience, the plugs can securely accommodate an outer cable diameter of 6.2mm, offering an advanced level of connectivity that upholds the sonic integrity of your setup. With a weight of approximately 18 grams and dimensions of 12.4mm by 59mm, these lightweight yet sturdy connectors maintain a robust connection without adding unnecessary bulk. Available in a convenient 4-piece pack, inject supreme style and superior sky-high fidelity into your system with Montaudio's Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs.

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ℹ Product Information

Introducing Montaudio's Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs

The Montaudio's Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs are the epitome of high-performance audio connectivity. These dazzling connectors, dipped in lustrous gold, meld unparalleled performance with a sleek and elegant appearance, presenting an upmarket statement piece in any audio setup.

Each Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plug is finished with an eye-catching black carbon fiber housing, featuring black/red rings that underscore the brand's commitment to style and sophistication. The impeccable finish isn't merely a nod to visual aesthetics but a testimony to the tech-infused design that ensures seamless, superior connections every time.

With a maximum cable diameter of outer ø 6.2 mm, these plugs are compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 18 grams and maintaining a dimension of approx. ø 12.4mm x Length 59 mm. Each purchase provides a pack of four exquisite banana plugs, neatly wrapped with the precision and dedication characteristic of the Montaudio brand.


  1. High-Performance Gold-Plated BFA Banana Connectors: These connectors, featuring Montaudio's leading-edge conductivity technology, are coated with gold to provide corrosion resistance and superior signal transmission.

  2. Elegant Black Carbon Fiber Housing: Each banana plug is elegantly encased within a sophisticated black carbon fiber housing. The innovative construction of this material offers impressive flexibility and maximum durability.

  3. Compact Size: Despite its layers of advanced technology, the Arrowtown CF-1 banana plugs maintain compact dimensions of approximately Ø 12.4mm in diameter and 59mm in length. Also, it has a maximum cable diameter of Ø 6.2 mm, making it adaptable to various setups.

  4. Lightweight Design: Every plug weighs approximately 18 grams, staying light while delivering powerful performance, making it an ultra-portable audio solution.

  5. Pack of Four: The Arrowtown CF-1 comes in packs of four, offering incredible value and ensuring that you have plenty of high-performing banana plugs for your setup.


  1. Unparalleled Audio Conductivity: The high-performing gold-plated BFA banana connectors deliver clear, lossless audio transmission, guaranteeing the best sound quality possible.

  2. Elevated Aesthetic Appeal: The stylish black carbon fiber housing, marked with black/red rings, enhances the look of your audio setup, creating a chic and modern ambiance.

  3. Durable Performance: The robust construction of these banana plugs ensures durability and longevity, promising long-term, uninterrupted performance.

  4. Easy Installation: With their compact and lightweight design, these banana plugs offer effortless installation, making your audio setup process more efficient.

  5. Great Value: The four-piece pack provides excellent value for money, offering high-quality, premium audio connectors at an affordable price point.


Specifications Details
Product Type Montaudio - Arrowtown CF-1 - Banana Plugs
Features High-Performance Gold-Plated BFA Banana Connectors
Elegant Black Carbon Fiber Housing
Type Gold-Plated BFA Banana Connectors
Housing Black Carbon Fiber with Black / Red Ring
Max Cable Diameter Outer ø 6.2 mm
Net Weight Approx. 18 grams each
Dimensions Approx. ø 12.4 mm x Length 59 mm
Packaging 4pc pack

In conclusion, the Montaudio Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs break the boundary between functionality and aesthetics, offering unswerving performance paired with timeless elegance. As the toast of the audiophile market, these plugs promise a connection you can trust, encapsulating the best in audio fidelity and style. Each perfectly formed plug hints at the meticulous Montaudio craftsmanship – a testament to the melding of beauty and technology.

Putting ordinary connectors to shame, these coveted banana plugs are worthy of any audio setup and stand as a beacon of Montaudio's staunch dedication to exceptional sound quality and taste. Purchase a pack of four Arrowtown CF-1 Banana Plugs from The Audio Tailor, Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, and indulge in a sonic experience that truly sparkles. Discover the next level of audio connectivity with the Arrowtown CF-1, where every note resonates with precision and every symphony flourishes with expanded depth and clarity. Ignite your sound, redefine your style, and embrace the Montaudio excellence today.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Details
Product Type Montaudio - Arrowtown CF-1 - Banana Plugs
Features High-Performance Gold-Plated BFA Banana Connectors
Elegant Black Carbon Fiber Housing
Type Gold-Plated BFA Banana Connectors
Housing Black Carbon Fiber with Black / Red Ring
Max Cable Diameter Outer ø 6.2 mm
Net Weight Approx. 18 grams each
Dimensions Approx. ø 12.4 mm x Length 59 mm
Packaging 4pc pack

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