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Pathos - Digit - CD Player




The DigIt has a lot in common with his bigger brother.

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As a matter of fact, many audio companies develop budget products first, and then try to upgrade them to the upscale market by means of refinement of their basic designs. At Pathos we think, and act, differently. We develop reference products first, and then use them as the workshop for developing more affordable products. The new Pathos DigIt is no exception to this rule. Only once the development of our award-winning CD player Endorphin was completed, our engineers started to think and experiment on how to preserve the integrity of the Endorphin sound with as few compromises as possible.
The DigIt is the outcome of this design process. In the end, there was not too much that could be thrown away without sacrificing the sound, so the DigIt has a lot in common with his bigger brother. In brief, the differences are limited to the transport mechanism and the power supply, while the analogue stage is almost a clone of the Endorphin's one. Being dedicated to the many music lovers around the world who enjoy listening to their favourite music with a Pathos hybrid integrated amplifier, the DigIt is shaped and sized to perfectly match the Classic One.
Dual differential 24-bit delta-signal DACs Dual, fully balanced, tube,class A, zero feedbackup to 192 KHz120 dB-100 dbStabilized dedicated digital2 V,fixed1 XRL1 line RCACoaxial S/PDIF