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Pro-Ject - Debut Stereo System - Debut Carbon + MaiA + Signature S15

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As seen on Gizmodo

This packs consists of the following:

• 1 x Pro-Ject Audio Debut Carbon OM10 - Black

• 1 x Pro-Ject Audio MaiA Integrated Amplifier - Silver

• 1 x Polk Signature S15 Bookshelf Speakers - Black Washed Walnut

• 1 x Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It LS Speaker Cable - 1.5m

Enter the Debut Stereo System...

A hi fi system can be greater that the sum of its parts. With a few smart choices, you can level up your sound big time. Take a look at what Gizmodo has to say about our special recipe!

Read the full run-down from Gizmodo here!

"It's powerful enough to drive weighty bass thumps, but also has the high-end detail to make cymbal crashes and electronica sound engaging and lively." - On the MaiA Integrated Amplifier

"The sound the S15 produces is musical and fun, with an emphasis towards powerful bass and crisp treble." - On Polk Signature S15

"It's a beautiful piece of equipment, too — minimal in its design, with the platter and tonearm being the only things on a glossy black base." - On the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

"With an appropriately high quality system, like this one is, you can hear a great amount of fine nuance in tracks — anyone that thinks of vinyl as old, low quality sound is just wrong."

"You have everything you need, and it's a quantum leap in quality from playing your music on a little Bluetooth speaker or a set of powered PC speakers... and it's a kit you can grow with. Each of the three pillars can be upgraded in the future."

Campbell Simpson for Gizmodo, February 16, 2017.

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