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Rega - Exact - MM Phono Cartridge

by Rega
The Rega Exact shares the same body moulding as the rest of the Rega cartridge range: a rigid, one piece body with no energy sapping joints between the stylus mounting and head shell contact face. Cantilever The Rega Exact has a highly expensive non removable cantilever, fitted with a "Vital" diamond tip. This tip fits into the record groove more precisely than the usual elliptical type, allowing more information to be gleaned from the records. Coil Winding Rega have designed and developed its own coil winding technique. This allows them to manufacture coils in a completely new and innovative way. This means approximately one third less wire is used than in the other cartridges, Making the Exact even more efficient than the Elys. The head shell face is machined perfectly flat to ensure maximum contact between the cartridge and head shell. This moving magnet cartridge also features a fine-line Vital non-detachable stylus and Rega's 3-bolt mounting platform. The Exact's 3-point bolt mounting requires a third hole on top of the headshell to use. Obviously, it mates with all of Rega's arms and with arms that have a similar headshell design (the Origin Live Silver and Encounter being two). Rega Exact MM Cartridge Reviews What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision - 4 Stars One big plus is the intimacy of the soundstage it produces ... drawing the listener in. This is a bright and fun-sounding cartridge with a pleasant midrange, and detailing here is good for the money, too. In essence then, the Exact has a great midrange and sense of subtleties ... it should definitely be on your audition list. The Stereo Times by Paul Szabady, Feb 2003 The Exact's high output indicates better signal-to noise ratios with tube phono stages and older solid-state designs. The immediate perception of the Exact is of immense dynamic and rhythmic drive with exceptional portrayal of timing and dynamic phrasing. Rhythm-driven music was superbly rendered: drums, bass and cymbals equally clear and articulate. I defy anyone not to get up and dance or play air drums, air bass, or air maraccas when listening to the Exact. Rock, jazz, funk, R&B, reggae and other rhythm-based musics were superbly conveyed, but acoustic and orchestral musics were not slighted. The Exact's excellent retrieval of subtle changes in dynamics, articulate phrasing, and coherent conveyance of the overall flow of musical line, rhythmically, harmonically and melodically, is as involving and arresting as the best cartridges. This is all very much in the Rega tradition of getting the music right. The Exact has a way of extracting the heart of a musical performance without focusing attention on the artifacts of LP playback: one critically judges the quality of the music rather than the quality of the sound, the recording or the pressing. I only wish more companies focused on the music rather than on producing audiophile jollies. I rank the Exact among my 'Music Master' cartridges: cartridges that you listen to for deep musical satisfaction. To deliver its best, it should be matched with components that are also highly adept at communicating music. Very highly recommended. Rega Exact MM Cartridge Specifications Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV Stylus: Vital. Complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet. Fixing: Rega three point fixing Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils Colour: Yellow About Rega Cartridges Rega have worked hard on extracting even more performance from the new range of cartridges - generating superior sound and dynamic quality at no extra cost over their predecessors thanks to improved production methods utilising new technology. All you have to do is listen!
Technical Specification Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV Stylus: Vital. Complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet. Fixing: Rega three point fixing Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils Colour: Yellow Tracking Pressure 1.75g

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