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Sonitus - Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels (Pack of 6)

by Sonitus
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Our Thoughts

Experience the pure difference in sound quality with the Sonitus - Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels. First in the Sonitus Acoustics bright band range, these panels are artfully designed with a vibrant, velvety colour coating crafted straight onto their fire-resistant Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester (USAP) foam base. Customise your audio environment with a choice of five colours: Red, Blue, White, Black or Gray. These precisely constructed panels boast enhanced absorbing performance, with absorption beginning at just 100Hz. Each convenient 6-piece pack covers 2.16 square meters, and with each individual panel measuring 60x60x8cm, these sleek and functional acoustic savants pose an easy installation via affixed Sonitus Magnets. Opt for the Sonitus Leviter Shape 8 and immerse yourself in impeccably pure sound.

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ℹ Product Information

Welcome to the next level of acoustic perfection: The Sonitus Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels.

This 6-piece pack is a breakthrough in audience-immersive sound technology, speaker-preserving performance, and aesthetically pleasing design. Pioneering Sonitus Acoustics have embraced a distinctive velvet colour coating over their unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester, known as USAP, for these bright band absorbers.

This velvet layer, available in a vibrant spectrum of colours like red, blue, white, black, and grey, has been applied directly to the foam, ensuring both visual vibrancy and advanced sound absorption. The specially designed coating layer enhances the absorbing functionality, with absorption beginning at a low 100 Hz.

Each individual panel is meticulously crafted to exact dimensions of 60x60x8cm, with a barely there tolerance of +-0.5%. Furthermore, the panels are remarkably lightweight at 633g+-3% yet their efficacy is not compromised. This product's fire-resistant properties surpass the FMVSS 302 benchmark of less than 100mm/min, ensuring safety in all environments. Together, the six panels provide ample coverage of 2.16 m2.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the affixed Sonitus magnets, making these acoustical panels a cinch to arrange in any given space. Revolutionize your acoustic atmosphere with the Sonitus - Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels.


  1. Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester (USAP): Crafted from the pioneering USAP material, these panels are the epitome of advanced acoustic technology. This ground-breaking polyester not only optimizes sound absorption but is also fire-resistant, surpassing the FMVSS 302 benchmark of less than 100mm/min for enhanced safety. Set your mind at ease in all environments.

  2. Velvet Color Coating: Meticulously applied directly to the acoustic foam, this delightful velvet layer radiates vibrancy while also enhancing sound absorption. Available in a variety of colours such as red, blue, white, black, and grey that adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to any space.

  3. Compact and Lightweight: Each 60x60x8cm panel weighs only 633g +- 3%, making them extremely manageable without compromising on sound absorption efficacy.

  4. Easy Installation: Say goodbye to tricky installations. These panels come equipped with Sonitus magnets affixed for quick and easy placement.

  5. Wide Coverage: With six panels in each pack, there is a generous coverage area of 2.16 m2, making this the perfect solution for a variety of spaces.


  1. Stunning Acoustic Enhancement: Welcome a transformative acoustic experience with the Sonitus Leviter Shape 8 Panels. The advanced absorption starting at a low 100 Hz ensures every note is absorbed and perfectly reflected, immersive sound technology at its finest.

  2. Fire Safety Assured: The USAP's fire-resistant properties provide peace of mind, safeguarding your space from potential hazards.

  3. Visual Appeal: Turn your audio environment into a visual masterpiece. The velvet colour coating adds a charming and vibrant touch to your space, enhancing the overall aesthetic impact.

  4. Versatile Placement: Thanks to the Sonitus magnets and lightweight design, you can adjust, rearrange and experiment until your space embodies your desired sound quality and aesthetic.

  5. Optimized Sound in More Space: The pack's generous coverage ensures even a larger room will reap the benefits of superior sound quality, making the panels a favorable choice for spaces of all sizes.

Enter a world of acoustic excellence with the Sonitus - Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels. Become your own master of sound and design!

ℹ Specifications

| Product Specifications: Sonitus - Leviter Shape 8 - Acoustic Treatment Panels (6pce Pack) | |:----------------------------------|:------------------| |Dimensions — Single Product |60x60x8cm | |Dimension Tolerance |+-0.5% | |Material |USAP – Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester | |Coating Details |Soft velvet coating in a range of colours| |Base Thickness |Full Thickness| |Available Colours |Red, Blue, White, Black, Gray| |Product Weight |633 g +- 3% | |Coverage |2.16 m2 (in 6 pc Master Carton) | |Installation Method | Easy installation with Sonitus Magnets (Affixed)| |Unique Attributes | Fire resistant FMVSS 302 <100mm/min, Absorption begins at 100 Hz | |Additional Features |Special velvet coating boosts absorption performance|

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