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The Audio Tailor - Turntable Set-Up & Calibration - Basic


Operating for over 17 years with 50 years of combined professional experience within the Hi-Fi industry, we have much more to offer than a good price. To put it frankly, you have to know what you’re doing to get the best out of your Hi-Fidelity system and we, at The Audio Tailor know what we’re doing.

This is a comprehensive process for a basic turntable set-up enabling your system to work at optimum performance. We’re looking to provide a premium service for our customers to share in what we know as an amazing experience only true Hi Fi can give us.

Below is a more detailed outline of what goes into this singular set-up as evidence of our determination to have your turntable running at the pinnacle of its potential.

Available in-store only

What's included?

  • Unboxing of unit
  • Assembly of unit and it’s components
  • Set cartridge tracking length (to ensure the correct distance between pivot point and stylus contact is optimised)
  • Set linear tracking (to ensure the tracking arc is optimum and set for the best performance and longevity of both the stylus and record)
  • Adjusting azmuith (ensures that the stylus is aligning with the record for best performance and also to alleviate premature stylus wear and record groove wear)
  • Arm alignment
  • Fitting the drive belt (ensuring no finger grease or contaminants are transferred to the belt or pulley components)
  • Fitting/adjusting the anti skate system (so that the needle doesn’t skate across the surface or put undue force against the vinyl record groove)
  • Balancing the arm (particular care is needed to ensure the that the arm is precisely at the best position for optimum tracking)
  • Electronically setting the tracking force to best suit the cartridge (even though this can be guessed with a manual set up in most cases, an electronic set up will refine the standard settings by up to 25%)
  • Unit re-pack
  • Basic overview and instruction on how to achieve best usage and maintenance ideas
  • Insider tips to prolong the life of the motor, stylus and your records

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