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The VRC Company - Easy Spread n' Peel - Vinyl Cleaner


Noise on vinyl records and how to clean them has been a controversial subject since the invention of the phonograph almost 100 years ago. And therein lies the problem; "cleaning" is not nearly clean enough where a vinyl record is concerned. If a hospital demands "hospital grade" cleanliness then for our records we should be seeking "high fidelity" grade cleanliness.

Record cleaning methods to date typify this misunderstanding. Dry mechanical methods such as 'special' cloths and brushes do not remove fine particles such as stylus dust and have no impact on oils, greases and moulds.

Wet methods which depend on spinning or vacuuming for removal of dissolved contaminants cannot guarantee 100% removal of the cleaning slurry. To be effective, a cleaner must dissolve contaminants; to properly finish the job, 100% of the slurry must be removed. Sucking, wiping or brushing cannot achieve this, leaving unwanted slurry on the walls of the record grooves.

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel high fidelity record restorer gently cleans vinyl records without use of mechanical scrubbing. No machines, no mess, no noise and no residual static. The contaminants dissolved in the Easy Spread n' Peel fluid dry into a skin in less than one hour which is then simply peeled off leaving a beautifully restored record free of unwanted noise and ready to reveal all its musical nuance.


Easy To Use

VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel is applied as a liquid directly onto the record surface where it penetrates to bottom of the record grooves, removing dust, grit, binding agents, mould release, fats, oils & greases, mould and spores that become embedded in the record’s grooves. The fluid dries to a skin, which is then peeled off totally removing all dissolved impurities. Your records never sounded better! VRC Easy Spread n’ Peel may be applied straight from the bottle or most effectively with the Vinyl Record Cleaning System which is designed for treatment of both sides of the record in the same session. This is faster and more efficient and uses less fluid (5ml per side). The VRC Stack Rack then provides a convenient method of drying up to 20 LPs, on a single, easy to move platform. Records dry in less than 1 hour in moving air.

  • 275ml Bottle (coverage: 28 LP's)

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