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Wharfedale & LEAK - Single Malt System

Save $598.01
Original price $5,098.00
Current price $4,499.99

Not only the combination of award-winning heritage products, Single Malt is a complete music system. It includes:

  • Wharfedale LINTON Heritage Loudspeakers
  • Wharfedale LINTON Heritage Speaker Stands
  • LEAK Stereo 130 Integrated Amplifier
  • 3m Pair QED Speaker Cable with Airloc Mini connectors
  • QR Code initiated video setup instructions


The Single Malt HiFi system is steeped in British history. And with rich, smoky tones pouredfrom stunning timber features, it’s music made from the finest vintage. But aesthetics aside, this amp/speaker combo is uniquely tailored to produce modern, drool-inducing sound quality. Leak’s attack is the ideal complement to Linton’s more refined audio signature, giving you an incredibly detailed yet fatigue-free music system you can sit with for hours. And with complimentary speaker cable, inbuilt aptX Bluetooth, and an easy video setup guide, Single Malt includes everything you need to play music straight from the box.

Wharfedale Linton Heritage 3-Way Standmount Loudspeakers

LINTON heralds the return of traditional 3-way standmount speaker design. But architectureaside, Linton is a modern beast. Kevlar woven woofers powered by contemporary driver andcrossover technology housed in a timber laminate construction to dampen cabinetcolouration. It’s the audio equivalent of placing a Porsche Cayenne in the timeless chassis ofa 60s Boxster. But it doesn’t end there. Single Malt also includes Linton’s matching stands. Specially designed for optimal speaker positioning, but also purpose built to house your 12”vinyl records, too.

LEAK Stereo 130 Integrated amplifier.

LEAK Stereo 130 looks like it was once owned by Jimi Hendrix, probably because its predecessor was. But in every way, it’s a profoundly modern amplifier. 45Watts of class A/Bpower channelled through an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC into three digital inputs andinbuilt aptX Bluetooth. Sure, there are multiple analogue inputs and an inbuilt phono pre foryour turntable, too. This is after all a classic reimagining. But don’t for a second think that the Stereo 130 won’t tease out every inch of sound improvement made since the days of Purple Haze. It does both. And it does so with unparalleled audio detail.

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