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Best Home Theatre Speakers in Australia

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If you’ve got a big ol’ fancy TV – or, better yet, a projector – and you want to really be immersed in your movies, shows, and games, you need an equally impressive sound system. A great home theatre setup makes you feel like you’re right in the action – the floor shakes, the voices are crisp, and the sound comes at you from all angles. We’ve got everything you need to get you there. Read on to figure out how to get the best system for transforming your space into a legitimately cool theatre that will impress your friends and knock your socks off.

First, let’s establish one very important thing: home theatre audio is very different from music audio. Sure, they both consist of speakers, but that’s about where the similarities end. Home theatre is its own beast, and to tame it, you need to have the right gear, in the right quantities, in the right places. Any decent home theatre system will need a centre channel speaker, a pair of front speakers (floor standing or bookshelf), two rear surround sound speakers, and at least one subwoofer. For really wicked 7.1 sound, up the number of rear speakers to four. Go big or go home, we always say.

The type and size of all these depend on a few different factors, with the first being room size. If you’ve got a large room that’s over 65 square metres, you’ll want full-size speakers with a full-range, including a pair of hefty floor-standers. You’ll also want a powerful amp, and maybe even a second subwoofer, especially if you really want to feel the sound during those big action sequences (and who doesn’t??) However, if you’ve got a smaller space and don’t need to shake, rattle, and roll, consider smaller components like bookshelf speakers all around, or possibly even just a sound bar (though that won’t give you any surround sound). You can read about the ins and outs of all these speaker types on their respective pages.

Another consideration is how loud you crank up the sound. If you like it to be immersive and intense, make sure your receiver and amp can pump out the power, and that your speakers are matched to handle it.

Speaker space and placement is another consideration. Do you have room for floor standing speakers? Can you set up speaker stands for your side and rear speakers at the right angles and heights? And don’t forget about the option of installing in-wall or in-ceiling units if you really need to conserve space.

Price, unfortunately, also has to come into play (harsh, we know). There are some great budget friendly options here, but remember that you’re making an investment – one that you’ll hear every time you sit down to enjoy a movie, footy game, or TV show. The very best, top of the line systems usually come with the heftiest price tags, but you’ll be grateful you got the best you could afford. We’ve got the top brands in the business, like Jamo, MK Sound, Q Acoustics, Quadral, Vivid Audio, and more.

Need help putting it all together? We’re experts at this, so give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop on by our Murarrie store, and we’ll help you get everything picked out, matched up, and set up.

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