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Best Integrated Amplifiers in Australia

The Audio Tailor has a wide range of Integrated Amplifiers available in Australia. Shop online, in our Brisbane store or call us on 1300 308 711.
We deliver Integrated Amplifiers Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane + more.

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Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers take two components – a power amplifier (for the wattage you need to drive your speakers), and a preamplifier (to input your music source and set controls like sound and balance), and puts them together in the same chassis, saving space and cost. An integrated amp is also known as the ‘stereo amplifier’.

So what should you look for when you’re choosing an integrated amplifier? First, you need to make sure you’ll be able to plug in all the components and music sources that you plan on using with it. Always pay attention to the number and type of connections that an amp gives you, and make sure you think about not only your current setup, but anything you may want to add in the future.

Next, consider how much power output you’ll need in your amp, but keep in mind that wattage ratings and maximum volume are only loosely connected. More important is matching the amp to your speakers’ sensitivity, the size of your space, and, yes, some consideration for what volume you want to crank it to.

Some integrated amps also have a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), so you can take digital audio signals from, say, an HDTV, computer, or DVD player, and convert them to sound. A lot of modern units also have features like built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so keep an eye out for those if streaming music is important to you. You should also consider if things like a headphone jack, subwoofer output and USB connectivity is a factor for your setup.

We have a fantastic selection of integrated amps at an unbeatable value, and carry the best quality brands, including PrimaLuna, Arcam, Marantz, Devialet, Rotel, Plinius, and more. And with the variety in size, shape, and style, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s a perfect fit for you. And for lovers of transistor design, we have many models that feature hybrid elements if you prefer the warmth and detail of tubes, but don’t want to sacrifice the power and control of solid state amps.

Look through our entire selection to find just the right amp for you, and know that we carry the best, including the Cambridge Audio CXA60, which won the 2015 What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year. As always, you’ll get free shipping and the best prices. And if you have any questions at all, get in touch, and our expert audio gurus will be happy to talk through all the details to make sure that you’re getting the best piece for your needs and budget.

Toll-free: 1300 308 711