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Marantz: Because Music Matters

Based in Japan, but founded in New York, Marantz develops some of the highest regarded audio visual products in the world. Back in the 70s, Marantz rose to success thanks to their integral role in developing high-fidelity audio systems. Since the 90s, Marantz has been solely focused on high-end devices, and this can be seen today in their premium range of AV and Hi FI equipment.

Marantz is the 'go-to' brand in the industry for incredible quality components, innovation and design.

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Marantz Company History

For 60 years now, the Marantz name has represented the best in home entertainment. Few companies can boast such longevity in the industry, let alone their tradition of high quality that still drives the company today.

In 1948, Saul Marantz strove to design the best possible sound reproduction equipment to play his beloved long playing record collection. The result was the ‘Audio Consolette’ and he made 100 sets for family and interested friends. Within the year, he had sold over 400 units and was driven to launch the company in 1953 to fulfil the order backlog. His vision and foresight still inspires the Marantz brand today.

The Philosophy behind the unique Marantz sound 

Marantz believe that music is more than just an essential part of everyday life. True hi fidelity is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance, experiencing it just as the artist intended. Sound provides the defining ingredient in vision systems, too, bringing emotion and passion to the overall experience. It is the music that delivers the ecstasy and agony of a film story.

The Marantz' tradition of technical excellence allows them to create components able to reproduce the pitch, timbre, scale, dynamics and true essence of any recording. 

The Marantz Product range


  • Amplifier
  • SACD and CD Player
  • USB - DAC       
  • Network Audio Player
  • Turntable 

Home Theatre

  • AV Control Amplifier
  • AV Power Amplifier
  • AV Receiver
  • Blue-Ray Player

Wireless Music Systems

  • Network Receiver 

Network Products

  • AV Control Amplifier
  • AV Receiver
  • Network Audio Player
  • Blue-Ray Player
  • Network Receiver 

Ken Ishiwata

Probably the most influential individual in today’s high-end audio industry, Ken Ishiwata of Marantz is universally acclaimed for his vision and talent in conceptualising stunning sound reproduction. Ken combines a love for music with his innovative engineering design principles to bring about audio products that are unmatched in quality. Even after 30 years with the company, Ken still personally evaluates and signs off on every Marantz product before its release.

"Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased… and then passed on to others."      Ken Ishiwata.


Most people enjoy music. But Marantz are truly passionate about it. They believe it should be reproduced exactly how the artist intended and nothing - absolutely nothing - should get in the way.

If this aligns with your philosophy, come and try the Marantz experience at The Audio Tailor today.


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