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Best Home Theatre Amplifiers in Australia

The Audio Tailor has a wide range of Home Theatre Amplifiers available in Australia. Shop online, in our Brisbane store or call us on 1300 308 711.
We deliver Home Theatre Amplifiers Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane + more.

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Home Theatre Amplifiers

If you want to take your home theatre sound to the next level, consider buying a separate processor and amplifier. Breaking these components into two units will let you scale up your system to a larger room, power more demanding speakers, and give you better performance than your average AV receiver.

A dedicated power amp can really give you the power you need to drive a really high-end speaker setup, and can also simplify things within the box. Designers don’t need to worry about shielding delicate preamp and surround processing circuits from interference, so they can arrange all the internal components in a more ideal flow.

A dedicated amp also has an advantage in performance – reducing distortion and noise, so you get a pristine signal. Make sure the model you’re choosing has enough power to drive your speakers, and if you need help with pairing, our audio experts are here for you.

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