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Polk Audio

Polk Audio

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Polk Audio: Listen to Innovation

Polk Audio is a US manufacturer of audio products, specialising in speakers but also making amplifiers and tuners.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, their mission statement says it all:

“Since the founding of Polk in 1972, it’s been our mission to craft high quality, great sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone. For the people of Polk, designing and building authentic audio solutions is our true passion.”

Polk was founded by physics and mechanical engineering graduates Matt Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross, who were frustrated by the Asian domination of the transistor radio world in the early 70s. They wanted to create an American brand that would be affordable and available, to open up the home audio market.

The rest is history. The Polk Monitor Series performed beyond anybody's expectation, scientifically solving the issues of the day with regard to clarity, depth and realism. They reproduced recorded sound with the highest level of lifelike detail heard in its time. They were inexpensive and performed well in any size of listening space.

Today Polk continues this legacy, holding more than 65 patents for audio design innovations, making it one of the most regarded companies in the industry.

Speaker Collections:


Considered the performance benchmark to the serious audio listener, the floorstanding speaker defines the brand. Polk's floorstanding loudspeakers are classy and unobtrusive, yet still manage to powerfully convey their extraordinary dynamic range of sound, with wide frequency response, epitomising authentic sound.


The more compact bookshelf speaker allows for convenient placement, without compromising on clarity or performance. They can be positioned to create well-defined soundstages in small to medium listening areas.


A leader in soundbar technology, Polk's state-of-the-art soundbars deliver fantastically enhanced sound for your TV or home theatre. With some models including Bluetooth support and wireless subwoofers, all of them are very easy to install.


As an enthusiast, you will know the benefits subwoofers can bring to your soundstage. Boosting the low frequency ranges, Polk's subwoofers are backed up by the company’s impressive technology.


Create the ultimate 'speakerless' sound experience, with Polk's in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Fill your whole room with music without any visible sign of speakers!


Enhance your TV, games and movies with the ultimate in audio. Polk's surround sound delivers crystal clear vocal reproduction, infinite musical detail and fabulous deep bass impact that puts you at the very centre of the action.


Polk's easy-to-install, purpose-designed, outdoor speakers take the music everywhere. Stainless steel and military spec components mean they can tolerate moisture and harsh conditions.


Polk's Play-Fi app controls all your music at home. Linking all your speakers, wireless streaming technology gives you the control of what and where to listen. Stream your own music library or select one of the leading global music services - it's all possible with Play-Fi.


At The Audio Tailor we love to enjoy great sound, all around. That's why we stock and recommend the extensive Polk range of speakers that deliver iconic, authentic, engaging audio, everywhere.