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Styli / Needles

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Styli / Needles Brisbane

Need to replace your stylus? We have a fantastic selection of them from all the best brands. The stylus, or needle, is the diamond tip attached to the cantilever in the cartridge of your turntable, and it wears down with use (the number of hours yours will give you varies depending on the model). You may not notice that it’s worn, because it happens so slowly that you might not notice until you replace it and realise what you’ve been missing!

Needles all have a basic conical shape, but some higher end models are made in an ellipsis shape for even more detailed sound. Replacing only the needle instead of the whole cartridge can save you some money, and it’s pretty easy to do yourself. Make sure you take a look at all your options though, because just looking at the model number on your turntable may not be your best bet in choosing a new stylus. Look at the cartridge itself to find out which one you need, and let us know if you have any questions!

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