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Rega - White Drive Belts
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CATEGORY: Turntables


The Upgrade Drive Belt is made from a new type of rubber; this ultra-pure rubber doesn't have any dyes in it, and is now unbleached hence the tan color. This new material is smoother and stronger than the standard drive...


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Replacing your turntable’s belt is a simple upgrade that can give your sound a big boost. Reviewers and users both sing the praises of switching out the standard black belt with a Rega white belt and the incredible sound difference that such a little change makes. One poster raved, “Oh my. Big difference. No doubt. Instantly noticeable.”

If you’ve had your record player for several years and are starting to notice pitch changes in your sound, it may be time to replace your turntable’s belt anyway. They usually need changing every 5 to 10 years, but more often if you listen to lots of vinyl. It’s an easy fix and will help your records sound new again.

One engineer in turntable design has said “if there’s any one single component that would make a big difference in sound, it would be the belt hands down.”

Pick up a new belt today and make this easy switch to ramp up your record’s sound. Let us know if you have any questions about compatibility and we’ll be happy to make sure you’ve got the right match!

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