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Mats & Platters

As the integral piece that your record rests on, the platter of your turntable deserves more than just a little bit of attention. Give your records some love by upgrading or replacing your platter or mat. We’ve got you covered with great platter options like our Pro-ject Acrylic platter, or the Orbe Platter Kit from Michell. We also carry a full line of Rega platters in every material imaginable – phenolic resin, glass, aluminium, and ceramic.

We also carry a great line of turntable mats in leather, felt, and cork (with or without rubber lining) from the best brands like Pro-Ject, Rega, and Thorens. A mat will keep your record in place on the platter, helping to minimise the chances of scratches and reducing static. Cork mats are the most popular with audiophiles and really open up the sound spectrum of your vinyl, and they do a great job of dampening vibrations when lined with rubber.

Give us a call today to order a mat or platter for your turntable, and keep your collection and setup in top shape.

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