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ℹ HEOS Information

HEOS by Denon:

HEOS represents the next evolution of products from Denon, inheriting over a century of innovation with the Denon name. Eight years of research and development have culminated in the HEOS wireless audio system that will fill any room with great sound from your favourite music source. 

In-house engineering, with passionate attention to craftsmanship and quality, make the new HEOS range a great addition to your home. Simple and intuitive to use, you are able to connect into your existing network without the need for ethernet cabling. Easy control via the HEOS app will have you listening to sound filling your home within minutes.

What's different?

Take total control over your music, effortlessly, from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more speakers from the HEOS wireless music system and the free HEOS app.

Then personalise your sounds: 

  • Play selections or stream music from your own music library
  • Select different playlists for different rooms or listening areas
  • Stream audio from your phone, network or favourite music service
  • Switch to Family or Party mode to synchronise your music throughout your home


Key features of the new HEOS range include: 

  • Audiophile-level synchronisation - featuring new technology that reaches new heights, even for audiophiles
  • State-of-the-art audio DSP optimisation - partnering with Waves Audio for top-of-the-line sound quality
  • Superior acoustic design - evolving to meet the needs of today's connected music consumer

HEOS Products

Mix and match the speakers, as required, to create the HEOS front row experience.

Stylishly designed and acoustically sculpted speakers that produce precision sound.


For the largest listening areas, the HEOS 7 is great for parties and fills the air with brilliant sound. 


Medium to larger rooms are amply serviced by the HEOS 5, resounding with its fantastic bass delivery. 


Small to medium rooms enjoy the HEOS 3 flexibility and stylish, compact size. Position anywhere for perfect sound.

About Denon HEOS

Taking 'Passion, Artistry and Technology' as their philosophy behind everything they do, Denon have been in existence since 1910 when they began manufacture of gramophones and records. The following decades of research and innovation saw them grow and change within the entertainment industry. Known for engineering excellence, Denon still strive for the purity of sound that brings joy to their customers' lives.

Not just another audio or video company, Denon crafts products with total quality in mind. Thriving on creative ideas, their research staff are always anticipating the next development. Denon has embraced the new mobile technology to ensure all available formats are represented in their product range. 

Denon Products through the years, including several World firsts: 

  • 1910    Single-sided records and gramophones
  • 1939    Professional disc recorder and disk cutting lathe
  • 1953    Professional tape recorder
  • 1959    Open-reel audio tapes
  • 1962    Elepian electronic pianos
  • 1963    DL-103 phono cartridge
  • 1971    Hi-fi audio components: turntables, amplifiers, tuners and speakers
  • 1972    World’s first 8 channel digital recorder
  • 1981    Professional CD player
  • 1988    AV amplifiers
  • 1993    Twin deck DJ CD player and World's only twin MiniDisc player
  • 1999    World's first THX-EX home theatre system
  • 2001    Mini system with 5.1 surround sound
  • 2004    World's first consumer product to use Hollywood Quality Video HQV
  • 2007    AVP-A1HDCI Pre-Amplifier and matching POA-A1HDCI Power Amplifier set
  • 2008    World's first Universal Blu-ray player
  • 2012    Headphones with IOS lifestyle apps 


With their 100 year history and legacy of World firsts, Denon plan to continue to deliver power, precision and performance in its audio and visual products for consumers well into the future.

Viewing its core strength as its ability to adapt and evolve within a changing market, Denon is sure to remain an important presence in our The Audio Tailor catalogue for years to come. 

🇦🇺 About Our Ridiculously Good, Award-Winning Service

Transform Your Listening Space: Personalised Expertise at Every Step

Ever felt the frustration of a mismatched audio system? The hours lost deciphering reviews on HEOS, and the disappointment when it doesn't meet your expectations? We understand because we've been there.

Meet Stuart, Yvonne, Nathan, and Vaughan. But more importantly, meet the solution to your audio dilemmas.

Why Trust The Audio Tailor?

  1. Awarded Excellence: 🏆 Honored as Australia’s Hi-Fi Retailer of the Year in 2021 and 2022, and hailed as Queensland’s Best Hi-Fi Retailer. Not just accolades, but a testament to our dedication.
  2. Genuine Audiophiles, Not Salesmen: We aren’t just in this for sales. We're in it for the love of sound, and to enhance your auditory experiences.
  3. Personal Touch: Our commitment is to craft an audio experience tailored to you. Whether you're searching for HEOS or something else. Forget one-size-fits-all.

Our Promise?

To be with you at every step. From envisioning a serene evening with your favourite album to setting up the ultimate cinematic audio for movie nights. And once that’s clear, we’ll guide you on making it a reality - harmonising your budget, room dynamics, and dream.

What Makes Us Different?

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We rigorously test HEOS, delve deep into the details, ensuring you get nothing but the best. We're about quality, not just brand names.

Act Now!

Remember, the journey to impeccable sound doesn't have to be solo. Let us be your guide.

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