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Sick of trying to make that tangled mess of wires play nice in your otherwise orderly audio setup? We hear ya. Wireless speakers are here, and they’re great at solving the age-old problem of having your beautiful speaker placement marred by long, in-the-way speaker wires running all over your floor and walls.

Our impressive selection runs the gamut from small and portable to large and in charge, and we’ve got all the expert product knowledge to go with them. Here, we’ll run down a few things you should consider as you’re looking into a wireless setup.

First, let’s make sure the cat’s out of the bag and admit that “wireless” doesn’t always, necessarily, equal “completely free of anything to hook up”. Sometimes it does, as in the case of portable (usually smaller) speakers that run off battery power. These little beauties are wireless in the truest sense, which makes them great for moving from room to room, outdoors, or over to a buddy’s house. They’re usually cheaper too, but you’ll usually lose a bit on sound quality.

Then there are speakers that are still knock-your-socks-off awesome, complete with all the features, sound quality, and even size that you’d expect from a regular speaker, but sans speaker wire. These bad boys still have to be plugged into a power source though, which is still easier than having to plug in to both the wall, and your amp or receiver. These aren’t speakers that are meant to be tossed in your bag and toted to a party anyway, so don’t let the sight of the lone power cord trip you up (that’s a bit of wire-related humour there).

What else do you need to keep in mind? Well, you’ve got all the regular speaker-related questions that you’d normally need to answer, like how many you’re looking for, what specs you need, how many drivers, and the size and price. You can find more details about those decisions on our other speaker pages.

One thing that is specific to wireless speakers, though, is what system the speaker uses to transmit the signals. Some may support AirPlay, Apple’s wireless audio service, but most will support Bluetooth. Pairing is usually a piece of cake, and most audio source devices are Bluetooth compatible these days, so connecting everything is quite simple. A few companies, however, offer proprietary wireless systems that work great and offer a bunch of additional features. One of these is Sonos, a brand we love, whose place in the wireless world is firmly established.

Check out our other great brands too, like Dynaudio, HEOS, Polk, Q Acoustics, and

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    REL LongBow™ Wireless Transmitter Unveiling the next dimension in your auditory experience - introducing the REL LongBow™ Wireless Transmitter. Bey...

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    REL Arrow™ Wireless Transmitter Immerse yourself in a sonic experience that defies convention with the REL Arrow™ Wireless Transmitter. Revolutioni...

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  • REL - HT-Air MKII - Wireless Transmitter

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    HT-Air MKII continues REL’s relentless drive to deliver the highest performance, the finest craftsmanship, and the easiest to use subwoofers availa...

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  • Bluesound - RT100 - Wireless Subwoofer Speaker Link

    The Audio Tailor
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    Bluesound RT100 - Wireless Subwoofer Speaker Link Introducing the Bluesound RT100, your wire-free answer to experiencing incredibly deep and resona...

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