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Advance Paris - KC-100 - Bookshelf Speaker

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Immerse yourself in a world where pristine sound meets exquisite design with the Advance Paris KC-100 bookshelf speaker — a marvel of audio precision tailored for the connoisseur of fine acoustics. Crafted for spaces from the intimate corners of your study to the vibrant heart of your living room, this 2-way speaker is an essential pairing for the MyConnect 60, forging a connected and impressive audio experience. Despite its compact stature, the KC-100 boldly challenges its larger counterparts, delivering astonishingly rich low frequencies from a meticulously calculated enclosure. Employing state-of-the-art cabinetwork that champions rigidity and vibration resistance, this speaker encapsulates the pinnacle of acoustical engineering with high-density materials and precision craftsmanship. The handpicked drivers, featuring treated paper membranes for authentic sound neutrality, together with soft-dome tweeters, promise an audio performance devoid of harshness. Further refined by Advance Paris's sophisticated filtering technique that aligns electrical and acoustic phases, the KC-100 bursts beyond expectations, achieving a balance and neutrality that caters to every genre of music. With a spectrum of elegant finishes and an efficiency that pairs seamlessly with a myriad of amplifiers, these speakers are set to elevate your listening journey. Experience this aural masterpiece, available at The Audio Tailor — Australia's premier destination for high-fidelity sound.

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ℹ Product Information

Advance Paris KC-100 Bookshelf Speaker

Immerse yourself in an acoustic experience that will redefine your audio expectations with the Advance Paris KC-100 Bookshelf Speaker. Perfectly crafted to grace your studio space, adorn your living room shelves, or elevate the ambience in your office, this 2-way speaker is a masterpiece of sound engineering designed to seamlessly blend with the MyConnect 60, creating a symphony of connected efficiency at your fingertips. Do not be deceived by its compact stature; the KC-100 boldly steps up to the auditory plate, ready to take on the heavyweights with an impressive prowess in bass reproduction in a reduced enclosure volume—a challenge surmounted through an exquisite fusion of state-of-the-art electronics, precise acoustics, and artisanal cabinetmaking.

Each element of the KC-100 is a testament to precision and quality. From the use of high-density materials ensuring a rigid, anti-vibration structure to the meticulous cabinetwork all aimed at enhancing sound purity, no stone is left unturned in the creation of this acoustic marvel. The interior is a laboratory of calculated volumes and vent dimensions, all carefully orchestrated to harness the Bass Reflex technology that significantly amplifies the low-end punch. Boasting speaker components custom-crafted to exacting specifications, the KC-100 features treated paper membranes for unparalleled sound neutrality, while the high-fidelity tweeters sing with a softness devoid of any harshness, thanks to their impregnated fabric membranes. And when it comes to cooling, ferrofluid takes care of the voice coils with a whisper.

But the secret behind the KC-100's harmonious output is the meticulously developed filtering technique by Advance Paris—a technique that unites the best in air chokes, polypropylene capacitors, and precision ceramic resistors, ensuring the audio output respects both electrical and acoustic phases. All these features are cradled within a shell that comes in a trio of exquisite finishes—White with Light wood, timeless Walnut, and sleek Black—each design carefully conceived to complement your space's aesthetics. Despite its modest width of 210 mm, depth of 170 mm, and height of 295 mm, this speaker carries a weighty presence in performance, astonishing with its low-frequency feats that belie its size. Offering impeccable balance and neutrality, the KC-100 is not just a speaker, it's a versatile powerhouse of fidelity that resonates with soul-stirring depth, ready to reproduce the full spectrum of your music collection and compatible with a sweeping range of amplifiers. The KC-100: where advanced technology meets pure acoustic pleasure, and size truly doesn't define quality.


  • Compact Yet Robust Design: Despite its modest size (210 mm width, 170 mm depth, 295 mm height), the KC-100 addresses the challenge of low-frequency reproduction in reduced enclosures with authority and grace.
  • Meticulous Cabinetwork: Utilizing high-density materials that provide a rigid structure to reduce vibrations, combined with precise machining for sound purity.
  • Bass Reflex Technology: Carefully calculated internal volumes and vent dimensions craft a speaker that boosts bass response and augments performance even in a compact form.
  • Custom-Engineered Speaker Components: Featuring boomers with treated paper membranes for sound neutrality and tweeters with impregnated fabric membranes to ensure softness without harshness.
  • High-Fidelity Sound Delivery: The proprietary filtering technique respects electrical and acoustic phases, using air chokes, polypropylene capacitors, and precision ceramic resistors for a pristine audio output.
  • Efficient Voice Coil Cooling: Ferrofluid cooling ensures voice coils operate at optimal temperatures to maintain performance and longevity.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Available in three finishes—White/Light wood, Walnut, and sleek Black—each designed to aesthetically integrate into various room decors.
  • Compatibility with Amplifiers: Can be paired with a wide range of amplifiers, including those with moderate power, thanks to their good efficiency.
  • Impressive Weight: With a net weight of 7.4 Kg and a gross weight of 8.1 Kg, the speakers are built with substance, contributing to both their acoustic performance and premium feel.


  • Acoustic Excellence in Small Spaces: Perfect for environments where space is at a premium, delivering full, rich sound that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Purity of Sound: Engineered for sound clarity and neutrality, bringing your music collection to life with an authentic and immersive listening experience.
  • Deep and Dynamic Bass: Enjoy unexpected depth and punch from the bass that defies the speaker’s compact size, thanks to advanced design principles.
  • Custom Craftsmanship and Sound Accuracy: Custom components driven by precise sound engineering ensure each note is delivered with the intention of the original recording.
  • Resilient to Distortion: Anti-vibration design and materials enhance listening pleasure by keeping unwanted resonances to a minimum.
  • Longevity and Performance: Cool-running voice coils enhance reliability, assuring long-term performance without compromise.
  • Seamless Room Integration: Not only do the speakers sound superb, but they also double up as a visual enhancement to your space, reflecting your personal style.
  • Freedom of Amplifier Choice: Delivers robust performance with a variety of amplifiers, providing ease of integration into your existing audio set-up.
  • Feeling of Substance: The substantive build reflects in both presence and audio delivery, underlining the quality and care taken in the speaker's construction.

The Advance Paris KC-100 Bookshelf Speaker represents the perfect confluence of form and function, where dedicated craftsmanship meets an uncompromising pursuit of auditory perfection. Embrace the sheer audio brilliance that resonates with every beat and whisper, and let the KC-100 transform your auditory journey.

Specifications: Advance Paris - KC-100 - Bookshelf Speaker

Aspect Detail
Type 2-way bookshelf speaker
Ideal Use Studio, living room, office
Companion Component MyConnect 60
Enclosure Design Bass Reflex
Cabinet Materials High-density, anti-vibration
Cabinet Construction Rigid with precise machining
Speaker Design Custom-made to specifications
Bass Driver Membrane Treated paper for sound neutrality
Tweeter Membrane Impregnated fabric
Voice Coil Material Pure copper on kapton support
Voice Coil Cooling Ferrofluid
Frequency Response Improved bass response
Crossover Technique Precise, phase-respecting filtering
Crossover Components Air chokes, polypropylene capacitors, precision ceramic resistors
Color Variants White/Light wood, Walnut, Black
Width 210 mm
Depth 170 mm
Height 295 mm
Gross Weight 8.1 Kg
Net Weight 7.4 Kg
Additional Features High efficiency, compatible with most amplifiers, versatile use

In conclusion, the Advance Paris KC-100 Bookshelf Speaker is not just a triumph of sound—it's an invitation to auditory enlightenment. The meticulous engineering and aesthetic elegance that define this speaker are a clear reflection of the passion and expertise that Advance Paris brings to the table. Whether you're an audiophile seeking the richest bass from a compact source or a music lover desiring the clearest highs in your personal space, the KC-100 transcends its category, delivering an immersive soundscape that defies expectation. Experience this acoustic treasure for yourself and understand why The Audio Tailor, voted Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, is proud to showcase the KC-100 among the finest in auditory excellence. Connect with us via phone at 1300 308 711, email at, or visit our Brisbane Store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172 to indulge in a listening experience that will captivate your senses and elevate your standard of home audio. After all, with Advance Paris and The Audio Tailor, the perfect sonic experience isn't just heard—it's felt.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications: Advance Paris - KC-100 - Bookshelf Speaker
Ideal Use
Companion Component
Enclosure Design
Cabinet Materials
Cabinet Construction
Speaker Design
Bass Driver Membrane
Tweeter Membrane
Voice Coil Material
Voice Coil Cooling
Frequency Response
Crossover Technique
Crossover Components
Color Variants
Gross Weight
Net Weight
Additional Features

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