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Advance Paris - X-D500 - CD Transport

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Elevate your auditory experience with the Advance Paris X-D500 CD Transport, a state-of-the-art device meticulously engineered for the purest digital audio extraction. At The Audio Tailor, Australia's premier Hi-Fi store, we understand that true audiophiles crave an undiluted sonic brilliance - and the X-D500 delivers just that. Eschewing internal analog conversion, this transport insists on an external DAC or amplifier with digital inputs to maintain impeccable signal integrity. Powered by dual toroidal transformers in a robust linear type power supply, it provides isolated energy channels to each critical circuit, ensuring spotless operation free from interference. The mechanical heft of the X-D500's chassis guarantees a vibration-free environment, further preserving the audio's fidelity. To adapt to any high-end system, it offers an array of outputs including Coaxial, Optical, and AES/EBU (XLR). For those seeking to transcend traditional red book CD quality, the X-D500's over-sampling function (Up-Scaling) serves to elevate your CD collection to high-definition digital signal standards, breathing new life into your music library. Diligent in its construction and elegant in its presentation, the X-D500 is not only a sonic powerhouse but a synergistic complement to your sophisticated audio ensemble. Engage with this exquisite piece of audio refinement and rediscover your passion for CDs - the medium that continues to set the benchmark for high fidelity audio.

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ℹ Product Information

Unveil the quintessential listening experience with the Advance Paris X-D500 CD Transport—a luxurious portal to high-fidelity bliss.

This masterpiece doesn't just play CDs; it elevates them, meticulously extracting the purest digital information with a reverence usually reserved for the vinyl of yesteryear. The X-D500 shuns the typical in-built DAC and instead devotes its heart to a singular purpose—delivering an unblemished digital signal that awaits the transformative touch of your chosen DAC or digitally endowed amplifier. Its dual toroidal transformers are a testament to engineering precision, guaranteeing an untainted power supply that isolates mechanical management and laser signal processing, ensuring a sanctuary for digital purity.

With the ingenuity of over-sampling, your beloved 16-bit/44.1kHz tracks are transcended, ascending to the sublime realms of 24-bit/96kHz or 192kHz High-Definition signals. The X-D500 is not just built, but sculpted with a devotion to rigidity, segregating circuits within a compartmentalized and shielded fortress of sound. Versatility is its second nature, fitted with a troika of digital outputs—Coaxial, Optical, and the illustrious AES/EBU—making it the noble heart of your Hi-Fi system.

Rejecting the notion of a world beyond CDs, this transport insists that the disc is still the gold standard of audio fidelity—and it's equipped with the power to prove it. Embrace the precision of the X-D500, where superior design meets unparalleled sound, and rediscover your music collection through a lens of incomparable clarity.

Features / Benefits:

Precision Engineered for Digital Excellence:

  • Dual toroidal transformers provide your audio with an uninterrupted power stream, separating mechanical functions and laser signal processing. This means your music flows smoothly and steadily, free from the distortions of fluctuating electricity.

Customized Audio Upscaling:

  • Experience audio transcending the ordinary with over-sampling capabilities that upgrade your CDs from 16-bit/44.1kHz to either 24-bit/96kHz or a luxurious 24-bit/192kHz. Your ears will savor the richness and detail that this high-definition signal brings to each note.

Strategic Chassis Construction:

  • A meticulously crafted chassis with profound rigidity guards your music from external vibrations and interference, ensuring an acoustic sanctuary that lets purity and precision take center stage.

A Trio of Digital Outputs:

  • Flexibility is at your fingertips with three digital output options: Coaxial, Optical, and AES/EBU. This array of connections ensures you can effortlessly integrate the X-D500 with your existing high-end audio system or DAC for a synergy that breathes new life into your CD collection.

Pure Digital Pathway:

  • The X-D500 eschews the typical integrated DAC for a pure digital output, demanding the cleanest signal path to your external DAC or digital input-capable amplifier. This results in an untouched, pristine digital audio signal, allowing for the full dynamics of your music to shine through.

Future-Proof Design:

  • By focusing solely on the transportation of digital signals with state-of-the-art technical finesse, the X-D500 secures its role as an enduring core component in any top-tier audio setup. Stay confident in your investment, knowing it’s built to deliver exceptional sound now and in the future.

Comprehensive Compatibility:

  • The X-D500 isn’t just a companion for Advance Paris systems, except for the X-i50BT; it is a universal marvel compatible with a broad range of products. It's designed to be the beating heart of your audio system, serving up the peerless quality of CDs to your hungry ears.

Seamless Inter-device Communication:

  • Complete with a Trigger socket for seamless power on/off synchronization with your system, the X-D500 streamlines how your devices interact, giving you smooth and effortless operation.

Energy Conscious Operation:

  • With a standby consumption of less than 0.5W and a maximum usage of only 16.1W, the X-D500 marries high-end audio performance with an eco-friendly footprint.

Sturdy and Elegant Construction:

  • Weighing in at a substantial 8.2 kg with a gross weight of 9.6 kg, the X-D500's build quality is not just meant to impress on sound alone. Its weight and dimensions underline a sense of permanence and reliability, while its clean lines and sleek profile ensure it looks as good as it sounds.

Intuitive Remote Control:

  • Take command of your audio experience from anywhere in the room with the inclusive IR remote control, providing convenience to match the quality of the X-D500.

In sum, the Advance Paris X-D500 CD Transport is an investment in auditory excellence, a bridge between the golden era of CDs and the peak of modern sound engineering—an indispensable component for the audiophile who demands the absolute best from their musical journey.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications for Advance Paris - X-D500 - CD Transport
Feature Specification
Product Type CD Transport
Power Supply Linear type based on 2 toroidal transformers
Transformer Power 15VA / 25VA
Transformer Type Toroidal (2x)
Digital Outputs AES/EBU (XLR – 110 Ohm), Coaxial (RCA – 75 Ohm), Optical (TOSLINK)
Remote Control Included
Trigger Socket 1 (IN) 5-12V
Oversampling (Up-Scaling) Yes (24bit/96kHz – 24bit/192kHz)
AC Input Compatibility 115V / 230V
Standby Consumption Less than 0.5W
Maximum Consumption 16.1W
Chassis Construction Compartmentalized for rigidity and effective shielding
CD Compatibility All CDs, except with X-i50BT
Special Feature No interruption in CD playback (micro-cut)
Accessories Included Mains lead, IR remote control
Dimensions (W x H x D) 431 mm x 109 mm x 372 mm
Net Weight 8.2 kg
Gross Weight 9.6 kg

Note that this specification table has been created based on the product information provided, with attention to clearly presenting the technical attributes and compatibilities that distinguish the Advance Paris - X-D500 as a high-end CD transport device.

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