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Advance Paris - X-P1200 - Preamplifier

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Immerse yourself in the quintessence of sonic purity with the Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier, a masterstroke of auditory craftsmanship designed for the connoisseurs who settle for nothing less than perfection. At The Audio Tailor—Australia’s premier Hi-Fi destination—we understand the intimate relationship between you and your music, which is why we bring you a preamplifier that transcends expectations. The X-P1200 isn’t just a preamplifier; it’s an assemblage of two audiophile grade monophonic preamplifiers within a meticulously compartmentalized chassis, ensuring unparalleled isolation, staggering channel separation, and an intoxicating stereo effect. With bespoke dual transformers, independent circuits, and a treasure trove of inputs, this marvel offers unmatched versatility. Whether it’s the richness of vinyl or the clarity of digital, the X-P1200 with its Burr Brown operational amplifiers, Analog Device AD-1955 converter, and XMOS technology, elevates your audio experience to celestial heights, promising a signal to noise ratio of a sky-scraping 123dB. Crafted for the aficionados who indulge in the exceptional, the X-P1200 preamplifier harmonizes flawlessly with the X-A1200 mono unit to forge an audio system of unparalleled majesty. Anchor your sonic sanctuary with the benchmark of excellence, and let every nuance and detail cascade with pristine clarity. This is your invitation to redefine the landscape of your auditory journey, only at The Audio Tailor.

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ℹ Product Information

Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier

Immerse yourself in the epitome of acoustic excellence with the Advance Paris X-P1200, a preamplifier meticulously engineered for the discerning audiophile who gives no quarter when it comes to the quality of their listening experience. Born from a tradition of audiophile precision, the X-P1200, with its monophonic power amplifier counterpart, the X-A1200, elevates the standard of home audio into uncharted territories. At the heart of this technical marvel lies the confluence of dual mono designs—twin sanctuaries of sound, housed within a singular, compartmentalized chassis ensuring uncompromising isolation of its audio channels. This methodical separation manifests in astonishingly clear crosstalk minimization, enriching the stereo soundscape with a depth and clarity that is simply breathtaking.

Features & Benefits of the Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier

Testament to Musical Purity with Functional Versatility

  • Nine Analog Inputs: The X-P1200 comes equipped with an extensive range of inputs, including two Balanced XLR and a USB B input with XMOS technology, enabling direct and true-to-source connection from various high-fidelity components.
    Benefit: Allows you to interface with a broad array of audio sources, from classic turntables to modern digital players, ensuring a seamless auditory experience regardless of the medium.

  • Digital Connectivity: With dual coaxial and optical inputs, this preamplifier caters to your digital needs without compromising on the integrity of the audio signal.
    Benefit: Offers a pristine digital-to-analog conversion, preserving the fluidity and richness of your music in the digital realm.

Exquisite Power and Signal Handling

  • Dual Toroidal Transformers: Utilizing two independently functioning high-capacity transformers, the X-P1200 guarantees an unwavering supply of clean power to each audio channel.
    Benefit: Ensures a stable and noise-free performance that highlights the depth and dynamics of your music without interference or distortion.

  • Advanced Capacitor and Power Design: Empowered with choke-filtered power inputs and high-capacity capacitors, the preamplifier offers unparalleled regulation and current distribution.
    Benefit: Delivers consistent power that is essential for maintaining the integrity and emotion of complex musical passages.

Cutting-Edge Circuitry for Supreme Sound

  • Burr Brown and Analog Device Technologies: The core of the X-P1200 is adorned with Burr Brown operational amplifiers and an AD-1955 converter, setting a benchmark for signal-to-noise ratios and digital-to-analog conversion.
    Benefit: Produces sound that is remarkably clean and filled with analog warmth, a sound that resonates with both clarity and richness.

Designed for Audio Excellence

  • Rigorous Input/Output Management: The switching of inputs and outputs is controlled by precision relays, ensuring no loss of contact and pure signal transmission.
    Benefit: Each input and output signal is managed with meticulous care, preserving the full fidelity of the audio throughout the preamplifier.

  • Superb Digital/Analog Decoding: The X-P1200's converter is known for exceptional decoding capabilities with a 123 dB signal-to-noise ratio, tailored for high-end and SACD applications.
    Benefit: Experience audio decoding that brings out the subtleties and nuances in high-resolution audio tracks and SACD, placing you at the center of an immersive soundstage.

Robust and Aesthetic Construction

  • Sleek, Intuitive Design: With considered dimensions and a robust build, the X-P1200 is designed to blend into your listening environment while being a durable cornerstone in your audio system.
    Benefit: Offers a visually appealing piece that complements your space and is built to last, underscoring its role as much more than a preamplifier - it's a timeless piece of audio art.

Ultimate Audio Control

  • Optimal Output Level and Impedance Match: With a specified output level and separate impedance controls for both unbalanced and balanced inputs, the X-P1200 ensures optimal match with various audio components.
    Benefit: Guarantees the preamplifier works in harmony with your entire audio system, resulting in a balanced, dynamic range of sound.

Sophisticated Technical Specs for Audiophiles

  • High-Fidelity Specs: Showcasing a frequency response from 10Hz to 150kHz and less than 0.01% distortion, along with impressive channel separation, this preamplifier is crafted for those with a nuanced ear for quality sound.
    Benefit: Enjoy the full spectrum of audio with precision and clarity, all within a setup that caters to the deep appreciation of intricate and authentic sound reproduction.

The Advance Paris X-P1200 is not merely a device but the embodiment of aural devotion—a commitment to listeners who accept nothing less than the purest sound that stirs the soul. This preamplifier is the heartbeat of your high-fidelity system, delivering an experience that transcends ordinary listening and elevates it to a symphony for the senses.

Specifications: Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier

Output Level 10.5 +/-0.5dB
Frequency Response 10Hz-150kHz
Distortion <0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 110 dB
Channel Separation ≥ 100 dB
Impedance Unbalanced Input 23KΩ
Impedance Balanced Input 35KΩ
Input Level (CD/AUX) < 500mV
Phono MM/MC Input Level 48dB/64dB
Audio Receiver CS8416
AC Input 110-230V
Power Consumption (Max) ≤ 30W
Transformers 2 (Independent for each channel)
Width 440 mm
Height 155 mm
Depth 430 mm
Net Weight 14.2 kg
Gross Weight 15.6 kg
DAC AD1955 (suitable for high-end and SACD applications)
Analog Inputs 9 (including 2 Balanced XLR)
Digital Inputs USB B (XMOS), 2 Coaxial
Outputs 1 Balanced XLR, Unbalanced RCA
Interpolation Filters High-performance digital
Differential Output DAC Continuous-time current output
Signal Processing Multibit SigmaDelta modulator
S/N Ratio (Digital/Analog Conversion) 123 dB
Additional Features Relay switching, Burr Brown operational amplifiers

In the crucible of sound, where every harmonic detail is sacrosanct, the Advance Paris X-P1200 reigns with a quiet authority that speaks volumes to its craft. This is more than an audiophile's luxury; it is an essential vessel for the aural connoisseur, waiting to escort you through the peaks and valleys of your music collection with an intimacy and precision that transcends the ordinary. Delivering an acoustic panorama that is as expansive as it is exquisite, the X-P1200 ensures that every listening session is a foray into pure, unbridled excellence. A testament to The Audio Tailor's unparalleled dedication to the art of high-fidelity sound, this preamplifier stands not just as a product, but as a pivotal experience—one that turns every note into a paeon, every melody into a mastodon of musical passion. Take the final step in forging your ultimate soundscape at Australia’s #1 Hi-Fi Store. Your ears, your soul, and the very fibers of your musical being deserve nothing less. Connect with The Audio Tailor today—your concerto awaits.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications: Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier
Output Level
Frequency Response
Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel Separation
Impedance Unbalanced Input
Impedance Balanced Input
Input Level (CD/AUX)
Phono MM/MC Input Level
Audio Receiver
AC Input
Power Consumption (Max)
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Analog Inputs
Digital Inputs
Interpolation Filters
Differential Output DAC
Signal Processing
S/N Ratio (Digital/Analog Conversion)
Additional Features

This table format provides a detailed specification of the Advance Paris X-P1200 Preamplifier, highlighting its high-end features and ensuring potential customers understand the product's exceptional quality and its capability to deliver superior audio performance.

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