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Chord - Cadenza Reference XLR



The heavy (for an interconnect) gauge silver-plated conductors are connected to the hot and cold silver-plated pins on the Neutrik XLR connectors. The high density and highly effective shield completes the connection and all the connections are made with a special silver solder.
The Cadenza XLR could be the perfect cable with which to give an existing system new life and detail and the chance to re-explore your music collection. It might also be the ideal partner for the latest generation of technologically advanced USB equipped CD players and DACs.
The cable The Chord Cadenza Reference is a balanced cable design using twin silver-plated oxygen free copper signal and return conductors. The conductors are insulated with PTFE insulation. Unusually for an interconnect design the Cadenza uses heavy gauge multi-strand conductors and these are responsible for the way that Cadenza can bring music so vividly to life. The conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration and are carried within a PVC over-jacket to provide mechanical damping and space the conductors correctly in relation to the dual layer high frequency effective shielding, comprising of a high density braid and heavy gauge foil wrap. The shield is then surrounded by a soft PVC outer jacket to further reduce mechanical noise. The Plugs The Cadenza conductor configuration is relatively conventional and the balanced conductor design means that it is easy to fit with XLR plugs. Where the big difference occurs though is in the benefits that the relatively over-sized conductors can bring, particularly to a system that is lacking a little bit of life. Use it withThe Cadenza Reference is a rather excellent choice for XLR connections. The same performance characteristics that make it work so well in RCA configuration apply to the XLR version as well. It will bring a sense of life, dynamics, detail and ultimately coherence to pretty much any system. Where the Cadenza is really worth trying is with some of the mid-price hi fi components that are appearing with balanced outputs. Even though the price may appear slightly out of context, it is very definitely worth listening to the Cadenza Reference XLR.