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Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable

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Our Thoughts

Revel in the harmony of tradition and technology with the Gold Note - Mediterraneo X Turntable, a masterwork synthesizing a decade of high-fidelity ingenuity. As The Audio Tailor, Australia’s premier Hi-Fi destination, we take great pride in introducing a turntable that isn't just an ode to the classic Mediterranean but is the very essence of future-forward audio excellence. The Mediterraneo X emerges as a jewel in vinyl playback, boasting a touchscreen display allowing for the most nuanced of adjustments to motor speed and torque, tailoring every rotation to your auditory desires. Discern the precise dynamics of your favorite LPs with its advanced timer function, monitoring stylus wear with precision to preserve the integrity of your collection. Crafted with a blend of machined solid aluminium and rich Italian walnut hardwood, the platter and plinth of this turntable embody unyielding stability and aesthetic elegance. Immersed in the architectural wisdom of Michelangelo and Galileo, its catenary curve design ensures peak structural rigor, offering sound quality that's as pure as it is powerful. Partnered with cutting-edge components like the proprietary Quadral-Core microcontroller and a bespoke audio converter, the Mediterraneo X delivers an unparalleled belt-driven experience, minimizing wow and flutter to less than 0. 1%. Discover the Mediterranean X and experience your records in a symphony of precision and passion – only at The Audio Tailor.

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ℹ Product Information

Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable

Immerse yourself in the luxurious fusion of timeless craftsmanship and state-of-the-art innovation with the newly unveiled Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable. In a grand celebration of Gold Note's 10th anniversary, the Mediterraneo X emerges as a beacon of audiophile prestige, marrying the distinguished heritage of its iconic predecessor with the forward thrust of next-generation technology. Whether you are a seasoned analogue enthusiast or a connoisseur of refined sound, the Mediterraneo X is designed to enthrall with its symphony of high-end features, all harmoniously choreographed at the touch of your fingertip. Revel in the tactile embrace of a touchscreen display, meticulously engineered to grant unparalleled mastery over your audio experience—from the precise adjustment of motor speed and torque to the delicate synchronization with the individual character of each LP and musical genre. The turntable's pioneering timer function charts the journey of the cartridge with precision, offering a clear window into the stylus's wear and enhance the longevity of your treasured vinyl collection.

Comprised of machined solid aluminum, the Mediterraneo X’s platter—a composite marvel with POM integration—balances a hefty 7 kg, assuring impeccable stability and pinpoint rotation accuracy. Dive under the hood and discover the plinth’s structural alchemy: a trinity of elements including a robust aluminum table, a stainless steel platter, and a solid Italian wood foundation, shaped to mimic the catenary curve made famous by the genius of Michelangelo and Galileo. This architectural marvel ensures peak structural rigidity to unlock unparalleled acoustic detail, dynamism, and reproduction fidelity. Three elegantly anodized aluminum feet provide both aesthetic allure and functional adjustability, while the rear reveals top-shelf RCA connectors for pristine signal transmission, complete with a bespoke phono cable.

Engineered for auditory perfection, the Mediterraneo X eschews compromise with a belt-driven mechanism powered by a proprietary Quadral-Core microcontroller mated to an audio-grade converter, regulating the 12V synchronous motor to eliminate vibrations and maintain unyielding speed consistency. To complement its high-tech core, the turntable delights with a sonic performance that is as visually stunning as it is acoustically superior—boasting a sophisticated aesthetic of Italian walnut hardwood, black varnished aluminum, and black anodized metal components. As your finger graces the touchscreen to awaken this masterpiece, prepare to embark on a voyage through vinyl as it was always meant to be experienced—wrapped in the sumptuous embrace of the Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable, the quintessence of audio luxury and innovation.

Features / Benefits Section for the Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable


  1. Luxurious Craftsmanship & Innovation: Blending Gold Note's rich heritage with cutting-edge technology, the Mediterraneo X offers an elegant design and sophisticated engineering for a top-tier audio experience.

  2. Intuitive Touchscreen Display: This interactive feature allows you to easily control every aspect of your turntable, including speed, torque, and timer functions, with a simple touch.

  3. Advanced Timer Function: Keep precise track of cartridge usage, optimizing the lifespan of your stylus and preserving your vinyl collection.

  4. Weighty Composite Platter: A robust 7 kg platter made from machined solid aluminum with POM integration ensures vibration reduction and precise rotation for flawless sound reproduction.

  5. Catenary Curve Plinth Design: Inspired by historical masterpieces, the plinth's design provides exceptional structural rigidity for premium sound quality and minimal resonance.

  6. Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Feet: Offers aesthetic elegance and functional stability, allowing for fine calibration to achieve the perfect level.

  7. High-Quality RCA Connectors and Phono Cable: Engineered for superior signal fidelity, ensuring that nothing is lost from the turntable to your amplifier.

  8. Belt-Driven Mechanism with Proprietary Control System: Powered by a Quadral-Core microcontroller and an audio-grade converter, this setup eradicates vibrations and maintains unwavering speed accuracy.

  9. Italian Walnut Hardwood Aesthetics: The turntable's striking appearance, combining walnut, varnished aluminum, and anodized metal, brings visual pleasure to match its auditory superiority.

  10. Precisely Regulated Motor: A 12V synchronous motor controlled electronically to fine-tune speeds for 33⅓rpm and 45rpm, ensuring pitch-perfect playback.


  1. Uncompromising Quality: Experience audio as never before with a device celebrating the pinnacle of turntable design, delivering utmost fidelity to the original recording.

  2. Ease of Use: The touchscreen simplifies operational complexity, turning the focus on pure enjoyment of your music collection without technical distractions.

  3. Preservation of Vinyl: Protect your records with advanced features that minimize wear and tear on both vinyl and stylus, extending the life of your collection.

  4. Stable Audio Playback: Revel in uninterrupted and pristine sound, thanks to the Mediterraneo X's design and components that guard against unwanted vibrations.

  5. Acoustic Integrity: The combination of materials and shape allows for sound clarity and detail, extracting every nuance from your records.

  6. Tailored Listening Experience: Customize your audio setup to your preference and room acoustics, ensuring immersive sound in any environment.

  7. Premium Connectivity: Rest assured that the beauty of your music is relayed with integrity through elite connections that prevent interference and signal degradation.

  8. Seamless Operation: Benefit from a system that enhances the joy of listening to vinyl with features designed for reliability and accuracy.

  9. Aesthetic Harmony: Enhance the visual ambiance of your space with a device that's as much a piece of art as it is a functional high-fidelity component.

  10. Memory Functionality: Feel confident that your settings will be stored and remembered for a truly personal and consistent playback experience, every time.

Specifications: Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable

Main Features
WOW & Flutter
Turntable Controls
Speed Changing
Platter Spindle
Platter Bearing
Dust Cover

| Power |
| Power Consumption | max 27W |
| Power Supply | 18V output, 100-240V / 50-60Hz |

| Dimensions and Weight |
| Dimensions | 470mm W | 210mm H | 360mm D, 590mm W | 510mm H | 460mm D – boxed |
| Weight | Kg. 25 – net, Kg. 30 – boxed |

| Finishes |
| Italian Walnut Hardwood | with matt black varnished aluminium upper plinth, black anodized aluminium platter, and metal parts |

In conclusion, the Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable represents more than an audio player; it is an artifact of sonic artistry, designed to honor the rich history of vinyl and bring its deep, analog soul into the modern era with uncompromising precision. Crafted for the aficionado who demands beauty in both aesthetics and acoustics, it fulfills its promise with each revolution - a centerpiece of conversation and a monument to the highest standards of listening pleasure. Should you choose to elevate your auditory experience with this paragon of turntable excellence, The Audio Tailor stands ready to bring this crowning glory into your collection. Contact us at 1300 308 711, visit our Brisbane Store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie, or explore our boutique offerings online. Embrace the pinnacle of audio splendor. With the Mediterraneo X, your senses are not just catered to; they are exalted.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications: Gold Note - Mediterraneo X - Turntable
Main Features
WOW & Flutter
Turntable Controls
Speed Changing
Platter Spindle
Platter Bearing
Dust Cover

| Power | | Power Consumption | max 27W | | Power Supply | 18V output, 100-240V / 50-60Hz |

| Dimensions and Weight | | Dimensions | 470mm W | 210mm H | 360mm D, 590mm W | 510mm H | 460mm D – boxed | | Weight | Kg. 25 – net, Kg. 30 – boxed |

| Finishes | | Italian Walnut Hardwood | with matt black varnished aluminium upper plinth, black anodized aluminium platter, and metal parts |

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