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James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack

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Our Thoughts

Transform your outdoor space into an acoustic paradise with the James Loudspeaker SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack. Tailored to cover medium to large areas, this superb pack is specially designed for foreground music, providing quality audio that extends across 186 square metres effortlessly. The package includes 8 sleek 42AT70 satellites, a powerful 121ST70 subwoofer, 8 sturdy AT.STAKE.AL18 ground stakes, and a state-of-the-art Sonance DSP2 750MKII amplifier. Revel in the exceptional sound output with a remarkable frequency response from 22Hz to 20kHz. Dive into the world of impeccable sound with The Audio Tailor - your trusted source for top-tier audio equipment, voted Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store. Experience the harmony of nature blended with the melody of supreme audio quality.

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ℹ Product Information

James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack

Set the stage for an unforgettable audio experience with our James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack. Designed for medium-to-large areas, this kit will redefine your sonic expeditions and bring ETHERAL MUSIC to the forefront. Piling together 8 agile 42AT70 satellites that deliver stunning sound clarity, a robust 121ST70 Subwoofer for booming, chest-thumping lows and 8 adaptable AT.STAKE.AL18 Ground Stakes for secure, seamless installations, we ensure the ultimate outdoor audio adventure. Even more, the pack comes with a Sonance DSP2 750MKII Amplifier that propels your music experience to a whole new realm of power and precision. Boasting an impressive bi-amp design and an ample coverage of up to 186 sqm, the landscape pack ensures formidable sound pumping life into every corner of your outdoor space. Engineered with unbeatable Frequency Response from 22Hz to 20kHz, the James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack immerses you into crystal clear highs, balanced mids, and deep, resonant lows, making every music moment profoundly enjoyable. Turn your doorstep into a musical oasis; let nature harmonize with the beat, and watch your landscape come alive with sound like never before.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Sound Solution: The SO-109AT70-Landscape Pack is a complete outdoor audio system that includes 8 powerful 42AT70 satellites, a 121ST70 Subwoofer, 8 AT.STAKE.AL18 Ground Stakes, and a Sonance DSP2 750MKII Amplifier. This means you get everything you need in one pack, allowing you to truly amplify and customize your outdoor sound landscape.

  2. Coverage Area: Spanning a coverage area of up to 186 sqm, this system can bring robust, high-definition audio to medium-to-large outdoor spaces. Whether it’s for a big barbecue party or a chill night in solitude, your sound will reach every corner of your yard.

  3. Superior Sound Quality: With each of the 8 satellites' boast of delivering precise and clear sound, this system ensures that your music will be heard exactly how it was intended to be. Adding to this is the 121ST70 Subwoofer which delivers a low-frequency response down to 22Hz, creating a powerful, full-bodied bass that resonates with your senses.

  4. Sonance DSP2 750MKII Amplifier: Featuring a bi-amp design, this amplifier promises to enhance your music experience by delivering efficient power and precision. Whether you want to elevate the energy of your gathering or let soothing tunes float across your landscape, this amplifier provides the control you need over your audio system.

  5. Easy Installation: With the included AT.STAKE.AL18 Ground Stakes, the installation process is simplified. The sturdy material ensures a secure purchase in the ground, keeping your speakers in place while blending seamlessly onto your landscape.

  6. Range of Frequencies: With a frequency response range of 22Hz to 20kHz, this kit guarantees that every beat, from the deepest lows to the sparkling highs, are captured and reproduced with absolute fidelity, making your music sound as real and vibrant as possible.

  7. Modulating Ambient Music: Capable of producing foreground music, the James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack will not only fill your outdoor space with immersive sound but can also set the mood and create the perfect musical ambience for any occasion.

Enjoy your audio the way it's meant to be. Experience the James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack today and bring life to every corner of your outdoor space.

Specifications Details
Product Name James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack
Components Included 8 x 42AT70 Satellites, 1 x 121ST70 Subwoofer, 8 x AT.STAKE.AL18 Ground Stakes, 1 x Sonance DSP2 750MKII Amplifier
Suitable Area Medium to Large areas / Foreground Music
Amp Capability Bi-Amp
Coverage Area Up to 186 sqm.
Frequency Response 22Hz – 20kHz

In conclusion, a James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack from The Audio Tailor is not just about purchasing an audio system. It is an investment in unforgettable musical journeys, a commitment to supreme sonic quality, and an opportunity to shape your outdoor space into a stunning audio-visual oasis. Explore powerful, dynamic sound that knows no bounds, brought to life through top-tier craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. And remember, we're just a call or click away for consultations or questions on 1300 308 711 or at As Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, we are committed to providing you with a tailored audio experience, ensuring that every beat, note, and rhythm resonates with your unique style and space. Make the extraordinary happen with us - because with the James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack, every bit of your landscape becomes a heartfelt symphony.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Details
Product Name James Loudspeaker - SO-109AT70 - Landscape Pack
Components Included 8 x 42AT70 Satellites, 1 x 121ST70 Subwoofer, 8 x AT.STAKE.AL18 Ground Stakes, 1 x Sonance DSP2 750MKII Amplifier
Suitable Area Medium to Large areas / Foreground Music
Amp Capability Bi-Amp
Coverage Area Up to 186 sqm.
Frequency Response 22Hz – 20kHz

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