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James Loudspeaker - SO-EMB15DF - Subwoofer

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Our Thoughts

Elevate your home audio to breathtaking heights with the James Loudspeaker EMB15DF Subwoofer. Crafted from solid aircraft grade aluminium with a contemporary cabinet design, this compact subwoofer embodies sophisticated luxury and high-octane performance. With a down-firing design that seamlessly integrates into any decor, this state-of-the-art subwoofer features a highly responsive James 15" high excursion woofer, providing high output, low distortion and impeccably clear sound. Engineered for durability with an aluminium cone and Santoprene™ half-roll surround, the EMB15DF is geared for outdoor and marine applications with minimal upgrades. Boasting an incredible frequency response all the way down to 18Hz, this high-power, passive subwoofer will transform your listening experience. For optimal performance, pair with the Sonance DSP-2-750MKII. The pursuit of true sound quality starts with the EMB15DF Subwoofer.

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ℹ Product Information

James Loudspeaker EMB15DF Subwoofer

Step into the realm of untamed auditory magnificence with the James Loudspeaker EMB15DF Subwoofer, a breathtaking blur of high-class craftsmanship, innovative design, and power-packed performance.

Resplendent in a tailor-crafted, contemporary cabinet made from solid aircraft-grade aluminium, this EMB15DF Subwoofer not only embellishes your auditory space with an ultra-luxurious outlook but also champions an unintrusive down-firing design.

Boasting an extravagant heart inside, it houses a top-tier James 15” high excursion woofer set with a groundbreaking patented dual gap magnet motor to ensure high output ridden of distortion. Accompanying this is an aluminium cone, a Santoprene™ half-roll surround, and a sturdy cast aluminium frame to prime it for outdoor and marine adaptability, given a handful of minor upgrades.

Performances? Stupefying. The EMB15DF Subwoofer has been meticulously tuned to serenade you with unmatched audial clarity that plummets all the way down to an enigmatic 18Hz. Built to effortlessly handle high power, it joins forces best with the Sonance DSP-2-750MKII to deliver your dose of breathtaking sound.

With key specs that boast a Frequency Response of 18-120Hz ± 3dB, Nominal Impedance of 4 ohms and Sensitivity of 93dB 2.83V /1m, as well as a recommended power range of 500 - 2000W, this subwoofer is a true celebration of relentless pursuit for perfection.

The end result? An auditory experience unparalleled and unmatched - just another day in the world of James Loudspeaker. Let the EMB15DF Subwoofer infuse your surroundings with the sublime magic of soaring sound quality and unmatched performance right away.


  1. Luxurious Cabinet Design: Crafted from solid aircraft-grade aluminium, the EMB15DF Subwoofer offers an ultra-luxurious, contemporary aesthetic that blends seamlessly into any decor.

  2. Compact, Down-Firing Design: This non-intrusive style aims the sound directly at the floor, which results in an all-embracing dispersion of bass and ensures the subwoofer remains a subtle element in your space.

  3. High Excursion Woofer: The EMB15DF houses a top-tier 15" James Loudspeaker featuring a ground-breaking patented dual gap magnet motor, ensuring crystal-clear bass output free from distortion.

  4. Marine-Ready Construction: Complete with an aluminium cone, Santoprene™ half-roll surround and a cast aluminium frame, this subwoofer can handle the most demanding outdoor and marine environments with a few minor upgrades.

  5. Carefully Tuned Performance: With a frequency response plummeting all the way down to 18Hz, this subwoofer ensures impeccable clarity for a wide range of lows.

  6. Impressive Power Handling: Functioning optimally with the Sonance DSP-2-750MKII, this top-rated subwoofer can easily accommodate a power range of 500 - 2000W.


  1. Elevated Sound Quality: The vivid combination of advanced design, high-grade materials, and James Loudspeaker's unrivalled audio innovation produces sublime sound quality that profoundly revolutionizes your audio experience.

  2. Contextually Elegant: Apart from delivering incredible sound, the contemporary and sophisticated design complements your living space and adds a touch of modern luxury.

  3. Unrestricted Sound Placement: The compact and non-obtrusive design allows flexible placement, offering immersive sound across your room without affecting the aesthetic appeal.

  4. Exciting Low-End Spectacle: Experience the thrill of music and movies like never before as you dive deep into low frequencies, typically unreachable by standard loudspeakers or subwoofers.

  5. Survives in Harsh Conditions: The marine-ready construction ensures that your investment is protected, even in the toughest conditions, rendering it perfect for poolside parties or outdoor events.

  6. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Rest assured that you are investing in a subwoofer that combines high-quality craftsmanship, reliable longevity, and exceptional audio performance.


  • Product Name: James Loudspeaker - SO-EMB15DF - Subwoofer
  • Design: Contemporary, down-firing, compact
  • Material: Solid aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Woofer: James 15" high excursion woofer with a patented dual gap magnet motor
  • Additional Components: Aluminium cone, Santoprene™ half-roll surround, cast aluminium frame
  • Suitable for: Outdoor and marine applications
  • Tuning: Tuned to perform down to 18Hz
  • Type: High power handling passive subwoofer
  • Recommended Pairing: Sonance DSP-2-750MKII
  • Frequency Response: 18-120Hz ± 3dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93dB 2.83V /1m
  • Recommended Power Range: 500 - 2000W
  • Radiator: (1) 15" (381mm) Active, (1) 15" (381mm) Passive
  • Enclosure: Aircraft Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Finish: Studio Black
  • Height: 407mm
  • Width: 413mm
  • Depth: 413mm

As we conclude, let's pause to appreciate the magical union of ground-breaking technology, supreme craftsmanship, and impeccable performance, manifested in the James Loudspeaker EMB15DF Subwoofer.

Designed and fabricated for the discerning audiophile, this top-tier subwoofer effortlessly outshines its competition. From its robust build that balances aesthetics with functionality to the exceptional power and adaptability it offers, the EMB15DF ensures your audio environment is melodiously elevated.

Above all, the awe-inspiring audio clarity it provides, reaching the rare depths of 18Hz, marks an evolution in the domain of sound. Explore the spellbinding symphony of precision and power encapsulated in the EMB15DF Subwoofer for an unrivalled listening experience.

Available at Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor, submit your orders at or simply dial 1300 308 711. Additionally, you can visit our Brisbane Store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172 and get charmed by the unparalleled marvel that the EMB15DF Subwoofer truly is!

ℹ Specifications
Specification Details
Product Name James Loudspeaker - SO-EMB15DF - Subwoofer
Design Contemporary, down-firing, compact
Material Solid aircraft grade aluminium
Woofer James 15" high excursion woofer with a patented dual gap magnet motor
Additional Components Aluminium cone, Santoprene™ half-roll surround, cast aluminium frame
Suitable for Outdoor and marine applications
Tuning Tuned to perform down to 18Hz
Type High power handling passive subwoofer
Recommended Pairing Sonance DSP-2-750MKII
Frequency Response 18-120Hz ± 3dB
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 93dB 2.83V /1m
Recommended Power Range 500 - 2000W
Radiator (1) 15" (381mm) Active, (1) 15" (381mm) Passive
Enclosure Aircraft Marine Grade Aluminium
Finish Studio Black
Height 407mm
Width 413mm
Depth 413mm

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