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James Loudspeaker - SO-SAPP-4R-W - Accessory

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Discover the power of perfect sound with James Loudspeaker’s SAPP-4R-W 4" Round Solid Surface Trim Kit. Engineered with the aesthetic and acoustic demands of any hard material surface in mind, this accessory transforms your in-wall speaker installation into an effortless exercise. Whether your backdrop is marble, wood, metal or any other material, this trim kit is more than just a complement. Its versatile design is aimed to integrate seamlessly with any industry-standard lighting trim kits. With a discreet height of 0.55 in (13.97 mm) and a convenient width of 4", it's time to experience sound with style. Trust Australia’s #1 Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor, to take your decoration and audio experience to the next level.

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ℹ Product Information

James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W - Accessory

Elevate your audio experience to unparalleled heights with the exquisite aura of absolute brilliance. Meet the James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W, a remarkable accessory tailored for those who seek a perfect fusion of high-end technology and spectacular aesthetics.

Wrapped in a mystifying facade, this 4" Round Solid Surface Trim Kit transcends the conventional confines of speaker accessories, bestowing upon your sturdy surfaces- be they of marble, wood, metal or other materials - a musical harmony that is both transformative and immersive.

The SO-SAPP-4R-W, home to the prestigious PowerPipe TK4-PP-SA, seamlessly melds with any industry-standard lighting trim, thus becoming an integral part of your house's architecture. With an impressive height of 0.55 in (13.97 mm), and a width that maintains a meticulous balance between supremacy and subtlety- a 4" Opening to be precise, this accessory transcends mediocrity and promises to fill every corner of your space with the enchanting resonance of your favorite tunes.

Explore the world of acoustics like never before, explore the marvel called the James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W.


  1. Solid Surface Trim Kit: The James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W incorporates a specially designed 4" Round Solid Surface Trim Kit, which is suitable for implementation on a range of hard surfaces, be it marble, wood, metal, or any other material. This Trim Kit enables a seamless integration of the speaker accessory, making it a blended aspect of your interior design.

  2. PowerPipe Integration: The distinguished PowerPipe TK4-PP-SA house in the SO-SAPP-4R-W is crafted to blend seamlessly with any industry-standard lighting trim kits. This makes the SO-SAPP-4R-W an extremely adaptable addition to any home audio setup.

  3. Perfect Dimensions: With an incredible height of 0.55 in (13.97 mm), and an exact width of 4" Opening, the SO-SAPP-4R-W provides a carefully calibrated balance between functional supremacy and aesthetic subtlety.


  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: The James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W doesn’t simply serve as an audio accessory; it's an aesthetic upgrade that elevates the design language of your interior space. Melding seamlessly into your environment, this accessory asserts a sophisticated, high-end aura in your home.

  2. Integrated Experience: By seamlessly integrating with your existing audio setup and lighting trim kits, this accessory eliminates clutter and enhances the visual harmony in your space.

  3. Harmonious Audio Setup: The use of SO-SAPP-4R-W ensures that every corner of your space is filled with the captivating resonance of your preferred music. It uplifts the auditory experience, providing a blend of high technology with stunning aesthetics for immersive, transformative listening experiences.

  4. Versatility: Regardless of the material where the In-Wall speaker is installed, the James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W can adapt, becoming a fundamental part of your home’s architecture. This ensures you can enjoy superior audio across your space, without compromising on the overall visual appeal.

Specification Detail
Product James Loudspeaker - SO-SAPP-4R-W - Accessory
Purpose Speaker Installation Trim Kit
Compatible Surfaces Hard surfaces such as Marble, Wood, Metal etc.
Compatibility Integrates with industry-standard lighting trim kits
Product Dimensions Height: 0.55 in (13.97 mm), Width: 4" (Opening)
Construction Type In-Wall

Indulge in the sublime realm of sublime sonic perfection with the James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W, your ultimate passport to heightened acoustic ecstasy. With its ingeniously designed 4" Round Solid Surface Trim Kit, this extraordinary accessory enhances your architectural aesthetics, while serving your auditory senses with an immersive and transformative musical narrative that leaves you enchanted, time and again.

When aesthetics meets technological prowess, the ensuing symphony resonates throughout your space, enchanting every corner with the magic of expertly crafted sound. Stand apart from the ordinary with the SO-SAPP-4R-W - an eloquent testament to your refined tastes that admiringly marries style and substance.

Experience the privilege of owning an accessory from the prestigious house of James Loudspeaker, as it paints your auditory canvas with the vibrant hues of transcendent tunes. Venture into a world where harmony greets you at every step, and marvel at the surreal sonic experiences brought to you by the incomparable James Loudspeaker SO-SAPP-4R-W.

Available now at Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Detail
Product James Loudspeaker - SO-SAPP-4R-W - Accessory
Purpose Speaker Installation Trim Kit
Compatible Surfaces Hard surfaces such as Marble, Wood, Metal etc.
Compatibility Integrates with industry-standard lighting trim kits
Product Dimensions Height: 0.55 in (13.97 mm), Width: 4" (Opening)
Construction Type In-Wall

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